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TERA Sensor

For real-time air quality measurement, TERA Sensor designs, develops and markets its own patented « made in France » sensors, as part of a « fabless » strategy that enables it to control production costs. Featuring advanced technical specifications that enable ultra-precise measurements to be obtained, even in extreme climatic conditions, TERA Sensor’s sensors stand out for their performance. In this sector, the company is positioned as an OEM manufacturer, its sensors being integrated into finished products such as measuring stations. TERA Sensor’s NextPM sensors are now available in three ranges adapted to the specific needs of the end customer sector: transportation, home automation, smart buildingclean room, etc. Beyond our sensor activities, TERA Sensor also operates as a technical design office for our clients. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, we transform air quality monitoring projects into reality. Our goal is to provide turnkey solutions aligned with today’s interconnected world, catering to specific requirements. From initial design through production, we offer comprehensive support, encompassing services like product design and mechanical engineering. Commencing with OEM integrationproduct development, and prototyping, we guide the transformation of your concepts into tangible technical entities. TERA Sensor additionally possesses the capability to develop advanced testing and certification equipment to validate your products. Our adept team is committed to streamlining your time-to-market process, ensuring efficiency and dependability.

Activité / Expertise

Mesures de qualité d'air, Développement de solutions de mesures


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