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Development is often linked to the quality of resources and the ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment.

The realization of the training sessions is conditioned by a minimum number of participants according to the topic.
It takes between 1 and 3 months to open a new session at the request of a person.

The Measurement Network is committed to adapting training, when possible, to trainees with disabilities. A personalized response will be formulated taking into account the nature of the handicap and logistical compatibility.  Contact the Training and Disability Referent 

You can consult our Training terms and conditions and the Internal training regulations.

The Measurement Network, an approved training center, QUALIOPI certified, offers members the opportunity to benefit from training at preferential rates, created by thematic working groups.
Training Center number 11950510195.

certification qualiopi action de formation
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Linkedin: improvement on "LA PROSPECTION"

A 3-hour remote module, an interactive training for give you the methods of prospecting on LinkedIn.


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logo linkedin pour formation

Linkedin: improvement on "RECRUITMENT"

A 3-hour remote module, an interactive training for give you the methods of recruiting on LinkedIn.


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Linkedin: improvement on "PAYING ADVERTISING"

A 3-hour remote module, an interactive training for give you advertising formats on LinkedIn.


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logo linkedin pour formation

Linkedin: improvement on "PROFILE MANAGEMENT"

A 3-hour remote module, an interactive training to master your profile and the company page on LinkedIn.


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logo linkedin pour formation

Linkedin: improvement on "Organize your watch and publish well"

A 3-hour remote module, an interactive training to discover good practices for publishing well and the different ways of organizing your monitoring on LinkedIn.


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formation intelligence artificielle

Artificial intelligence

Training related to:
- The history of AI
- Basic concepts of AI
- Possible applications in the field of business and measurement
- The advantages / disadvantages / limitations of using AI

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visuel formation lne

Free e-learning training in metrology

From measurement @ metrology

Discover the essentials of metrology in business by means of an individualized training course, proposed by LNE, structured around the measurement process and metrologist tools, teaming up :

  • Trainer video
  • SME interview
  • Laboratory report
  • Summary documents to download

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Road safety training 

As part of the work of the “The Road and the Company” group, the Réseau Mesure and the CIFL offer their members road safety training at discounted rates.

"The only certifying training, based on the acquisition of professional driving skills"

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formation vendre et manager en distanciel

2 places are reserved for each training for members of the Measurement Network,

So why not enjoy it?

 Training offered by Cifl 

Cifl has selected training courses adapted to your professions, at rates negotiated especially for their members. As part of our partnership with the Cifl, we offer our members the possibility of accessing the training courses it offers under the same conditions.

The different themes addressed in the year 2022:
- Provide and sell the service in the laboratory
Conferring the ability to provide outstanding service and sell additional services.
- Digital and Social Selling 
Animate your community of customers, use social networks
- Successful telesales
- Animation of a network of resellers or distributors
Transfer all techniques to sales allowing to sell and make-sell to resellers or distributors
- Management and coaching of sales teams
Transmit the methods to managers allowing a salesperson to progress in a sales situation
- Sell and negotiate in the laboratory (improvement module)
Provide the ability to lead the different stages of a sales interview
- Defend its prices 

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New training courses in the context of the COVID19 crisis

formation vendre en distanciel

Sell in distance

This training of 5 modules is intended for all salespeople wishing to carry out remote sales actions using existing technological solutions while giving these actions the highest level of added value. She addresses also to sales managers wishing to coach the salespeople on their team and support them in the adoption of distance selling methods, by offering them benchmarks of target skills.

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Remote manager

This 5-module training is intended for all managers wishing to master the operational methods for remote management and acquire the associated reflexes.

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formation sur mesure

"Tailor-made" training

Find the specific training of our members specializing in measurement.

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Le Réseau Mesure

Qualiopi certification 

You provide training for your customers, from January 1, 2022, they must be Qualiopi certified to be supported by the OPCOs.

You are initiating the certification process or you are not yet ready for it, the Measurement Network invites you to tackle these points together. 

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Workshop organized with members

formation vendre en distanciel

Optimizing your business development


Day organized at LNE for members of the Measurement Network

Morning hosted by Bernard Rojon + -

How to better control hybrid sales to boost your commercial development?

  • Developments in sales
  • Definition of hybrid selling
  • The advantages of the hybrid
  • The Assa Abloy case
  • The different communication and sales channels
  • How to measure activity to optimize productivity
  • How to make a successful remote visit?
  • New steering indicators
  • What future?

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Afternoon hosted by Cédric Jornod +

How to integrate metrology into the valuation of your solution?

  • The origins of metrology
  • The concepts of calibration, verification, adjustment
  • The concepts of errors, accuracy, correction
  • The concept of uncertainty
  • Metrological monitoring
  • Metrological traceability

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A working group dedicated to training is active, it is articulated around three axes:


The Measurement Network as a training organization

- Choice of training topics

- Recruitment of trainers

The relationship with post-Bac schools

- Partnerships
- Action plan

How to find tools to guide young people before the baccalaureate?

- Introduce the world of measurement

- Develop the interest of young people

The first meeting is held both face-to-face and by video. To regain HERE the minutes of previous meetings.

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