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ROAD SAFETY AND ECO-DRIVING The Road and the Company

charter for the Safety and Prevention of Road Risks

The profession of Laboratory Suppliers and Measurement professionals has around 50 % of itinerants, particularly in commercial or after-sales services. Road safety is therefore an important safety measure for employees in our sector of activity.

The Interprofessional Committee of Laboratory Suppliers and the Measurement Network have thus drawn up this Charter for Safety and Prevention of Road Risks in order to make all companies and their employees aware of good road and eco-driving practices.  


The "The road and the company" working group is made up of members of the Measurement Network and the CIFL.

Training action

As part of the work of the “The Road and the Company” group, the Réseau Mesure and the CIFL offer their members road safety training at discounted rates.

 A few figures to better understand

  • Professional road risk is the 1time cause of fatal accident at work.
  • 50% of those killed on the job are on the road.
  • 70 days: average duration of a work stoppage with temporary incapacity following a traffic accident.
  • Work stoppages following a traffic accident are 1.5 times the average duration of a work stoppage.
  • The cost of a traffic accident on a mission is 3 times higher than the average cost of an accident at work.
  • 90% road accidents at work are due to unsuitable human behavior.

 What consequences for the company?

  • Human: Loss of human capital / loss of key man / loss of skills.
  • Financial: Road accidents cause direct and indirect costs (often 2 to 3 times greater).
  • Legal: The road risk for an employee on assignment is a professional risk. Like all occupational risks, the latter must be the subject of an assessment and be recorded in the single document (Article L4221-1 and R4121-1 of the Labor Code).

For the companies of the Measurement Network and CIFL, the road risk is identified in their single document as a major risk.




3 training possibilities are available to members:

 Two-day certification course: Préventis Card Pro


The Préventis CARD-PRO training is a certifying training linked to safe driving in a professional environment and includes a 24-month follow-up for any trained person. The Préventis CARD-PRO training includes:

  • periodic sending of technical and professional documentation,
  • ½ day retraining for anyone involved in a claim during the two years following the training.



Description of the training

Mastery of drivers of light vehicles or light commercial vehicles, in their capacity analysis risky situations, comprehension of the genesis of an accident situation and the knowledge of the actions to be implemented in an appropriate manner. Through this knowledge and know-how, the driver is in ability to avoid risky situations related to the road.

 The objectives: acquire the 4 skills of professional driving

  • Skill 1 - master the external parameters for safe driving.
  • Skill 2 - master the safety parameters related to the driver.
  • Skill 3 - implement appropriate road behavior in terms of braking, overtaking and grip, to avoid risky situations.
  • Skill 4 - Know the basic elements of the legislative framework that regulates the safety of business trips.

 The advantages of Préventis CARD-PRO training

  • A skills assessment exclusively on a digital tablet guaranteeing the traceability of information.
  • Supervision by permanent trainers and specially trained assessors.
  • Quality training (infrastructure / resources made available to trainees / educational tools / training materials).
  • Vision / perception test.
  • Safety report of the trainee vehicle.
  • Use of personal vehicles and specially adapted Centaur vehicles.
  • Flexibility in organization and planning.

 Eligibility of Préventis Card-Pro training

Préventis CARD-PRO training is eligible under the Personal Training Account (CPF) under the number 237 188.

Note for 2019, with the Professional Future Law of September 5, 2018, that all training courses registered in the RNCP or in the CNCP inventory (National Commission for Professional Certification) will be eligible for the CPF (monetized in euros).

The co-constructed CPF constitutes a win / win mechanism for the employee as well as for the Company. The training can be carried out on the job.

Enables compliance with at least one of the 3 legal measures resulting from the 2014 vocational training reform relating to employee evaluation within the company.

(Art. L. 6315-1 of the Labor Code - II. Law of 05 March 2014) requiring the company to carry out a professional interview and to check whether the employee has, over the past 6 years,

  1. followed at least one training action,
  2. acquired elements of certification through training or by validating the acquired experience,
  3. benefited from a salary or professional progression.

In application of article L6323-13 of the Labor Code, if the employee has not benefited from the scheduled interviews (every two years) and from at least two of the three measures above, his personal training account (CPF) is supplemented up to 100 hours for an employee with full-time, representative for the company (*), a penalty of € 3,000 per employee to be paid to the OPCA.

Allows an efficient response to the single document and the employer's obligation to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of its employees. Art L.4121-1 and R.4121-1 of the Labor Code.


 One day training: Préventis Phase 1

  •  1-day training on a protected site dedicated to road safety.
  • Provision of a Centaur vehicle then evolution with personal vehicles.
  • Innovative pedagogy based on feedback.
  • Supervision by a facilitator specially trained in group management.
  • Vehicle safety report.
  • Eye test.
  • Delivery of the educational logbook.

Possibility of financing by the OPCA depending on the branches and the size of the company.


One or two day “team” training on request.

If you wish to offer your employees training dedicated to your company, we invite you to contact us to organize it.


The Centaur Network:

9 companies franchised by the Centaure Association, operating 11 training centers, provide a local and quality service.


A proven quality approach.

All centers are NF certified (NF 214 - training / NF X50-760 and NF50-761). Continuous training service excluding work-study programs.


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