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MirSense is a French young innovative company of around 20 people that designs, manufactures, and markets high performance laser components and gas analyzers. Its unique proprietary mid-infrared laser technology harnesses III-V semiconductor materials and silicon, powering its gas analyzer product line. We build innovative sensors for air quality, greenhouse gases monitoring, green energy development, process efficiency and health.

Quantum cascade lasers are an advanced technology, resulting from the conquest of space, precise at the atomic scale Passionate about the immense possibilities offered by these lasers, we build sustainable, smarter, and more accessible products every day. Today we offer efficient and precise solutions, powerful and robust, deployable widely and easily.

By developing and producing our own lasers, supported by patents and exclusive techniques, we offer professionals miniaturized modules allowing them to respond to new uses or strengthen their competitiveness, with an unprecedented quality-price ratio. We rely on the know-how of competent and creative women and men, passionate about their profession, anxious to put excellence, rigor, and innovation at the service of all.

Our world needs technologies we can all trust. This is our commitment to everyone.


 As a laser gas sensor R&D engineer, you are part of a team of experts and have the following responsibilities:


Main Mission (non- exhaustive) Your main mission is to take part in the development of new laser gas sensors.
MISSION 1: Develop gas sensors ·       Take part in the gas sensors product developments.

·       Conduct of R&D studies about gas detection for internal needs and following the relevant quality processes.

·       Update of the overall knowledge of the team in the field of gas detection.

·       You might lead R&D projects on your field, in contact with the client or the funding institution (ANR, Europe…)

MISSION 2: transfer to production ·       Answer to technical requests from the production team needing advanced gas detection knowledge.

·       Support the transfer of prototypes developed by the R&D team to the production team.




Relationships and nature of the relations ·       External: clients, R&D funding institutions, partners (sub-contractors, co-contractors)

·       Internal: production team, R&D teams, marketing team

Responsibilities ·       Responsible of R&D studies
Position constraints ·       Need for autonomy due to the size of the company
Opportunities ·       mirSense is a young innovative company.

·       Responsibility increases with company’s growth


Skills descriptions:


Necessary skills Initial training:

·       Minimum High School + 5 years diploma or experience of at least 3 years the field of sensors developments.

·       PhD degree is welcome.



Professional experience:


·       Experience in an R&D environment will be appreciated


Operational experiences and technical skills:


·       Extensive knowledge in gas analysis


Social skills:


·       Dynamism

·       Teamwork

Desirable skills ·       Mastery of English

·       Knowledge of Python Programming Language

·       Notions of Photoacoustic

·       Knowledge of physical and chemical behavior of gases

·       Knowledge in the field of signal treatment and numerical methods.


What we offer:


Today, MIRSENSE if a young innovative company where human capital is key to reach its goals. With its technological breakthrough positioning, MIRSENSE hosts a strong culture of innovation and excellence through many PhDs among the staff. Autonomy in the daily work is one of our core values and enters modern and agile companies.


Our laboratories are in France on Paris-Saclay campus, on Grenoble-Minatec campus and on Montpellier IES campus, at the heart of world-renowned research, production, and innovation ecosystems.

// Contact

Guillaume Aoust, Head of R&D Programs
06 84 69 86 48


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