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Discover the new suppliers accessible via Haxonéo

and the latest negotiated rates for COVID-19 products.

Produits Covid

Masques made in Chine

Disposable masks (China)

Delivery in 5/6 working days:

0.12 / u per 20,000

0.14 / u per 2000

0.15 / u by 50

Delivery in 30 days 

0.09 / u per 100,000

0.11 / u per 50,000


Masques made in France

Disposable masks (France)

0.28 / u per 1000

Delivery within 10 working days

Masques lavables

Masks washable 30 times

1.88 / u by 50

48h delivery

Spray désinfectant

Disinfectant spray

7.5 / u by 8

Delivery in 4/5 days

Also discover the new partners!

Café Joyeux

Ground coffee or capsules 

Café Joyeux is a solidarity coffee in beans, ground and capsules (Nespresso compatible)



Industrial supplies 

Consumables, tools, chemicals and workshop equipment for automotive and industry. 


Shelving and storage

Leader in shelving, handling, work environment layout


Long term rental

Benefit from attractive conditions for your long-term rentals from your 1st vehicle


Purchase / LLD cars / utility

Example: 46% discount on Boxer VU or 34% on the 208 Affaire


Purchase / LLD cars / utility 

Example: 38% discount on Proace VU


Purchase / LLD cars / utility 

Example: 39% discount on Master VU or 28% on the Grand Scenic


Purchase / LLD cars / utility 

Example: 41% discount on Jumper VU or 30% on the new C3


Purchase / LLD cars / utility  

Example: 43% discount on Movano



From 1.77 in management and 1.8 in delegation.

Crit intérim


From 1.78 in management and 1,795 in delegation

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