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Depuis 1896, AOIP conçoit, développe et fabrique en France avec une grande exigence de qualité et de rigueur des solutions d’instrumentation et de contrôle moteurs aux performances reconnues dans le monde entier.


AOIP offers a complete range of instruments, software and associated services responding to any issue of traceability, monitoring, calibration and validation of equipment.

Thanks to solutions combining high-precision and easy-to-use instruments, high-performance software and quality services, we meet both the requirements of laboratories and the needs related to production and on-site maintenance activities.

- OIP offers reference standards that guarantee metrological traceability of measurements.
- In maintenance, a wide range of portable instruments provide on-site measurement, verification and calibration.
-The AOIP offer, from the sensor to the supervisor, ensures process monitoring and centralized control.
- AOIP specializes in the testing and certification of copper cables and computer networks.
- AOIP designs firing and measuring instruments on pyrotechnic elements where user safety is at stake

Motor Control Pole:
Manufacturer of starters for asynchronous motors for more than 60 years, AOIP is one of the world leaders in the field of electrolytic and electronic starters for squirrel cage and slip ring motors. Suitable for all weather conditions, from extremely cold environments to very hot and humid areas.

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