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Société Allemande spécialiste dans l’échantillonnage des analyseurs.


For more than 40 years, BÜHLER TECHNOLOGIES has supplied components and sample packaging systems to the global market. Our goal is to constantly improve a range of products specifically designed for the conditioning and sampling of analyzers, in compliance with the standards in force and with a high level of innovation. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES: 1) SAMPLING PROBES: heated or unheated, different configurations available, back-blowing, internal and external filtration. 2) CIRCULATION PUMPS: insensitive to gases containing condensates, our heated or unheated pumps combine design and ease of maintenance; the BUHLER pump is recognized as the best pump for analytical needs. 3) GAS COOLERS: BUHLER chillers provide the most stable dew point in the industry thanks to the following features: compressor operation management, fast and efficient dew point stabilization. 4) FILTRATION: easy to integrate, install and maintain. Wide range of filter elements (fine coalescing), appropriate choice of materials, by-pass and optional drain connections. 5) ACCESSORIES: peristaltic pump, flowmeters, valves, fittings ... 6) NOx CONVERTER: no interference due to CO. 7) ANALYZERS: Fixed / portable, O2, NDIR

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