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Activités spécialisées scientifiques et techniques diverses. Les acquis ne suffisent plus, la révolution technologique de ces dernières années demande une actualisation permanente des compétences, ce qui nous a conduit à une offre de services basée sur le traitement de données aériennes. Cette acquisition de données aériennes proposée par les services Haziel est la réponse parfaite au manque d’exhaustivité d’une acquisition terrestre. En outre, ce service permet de sécuriser l’activité des personnes.

Activité / Expertise

Measurement by drones


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Our drones are fully approved by the DGAC and thus have all the security systems necessary for taking data by drone in France, particularly in urban areas and also abroad.

Remote pilots are also authorized by the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, and Energy. They therefore have the patents and compulsory licenses for a safe flight of a professional drone.

Informations complémentaires

We produce BIM models.

BIM, an acronym for Building Information Model, is the geometric representation of a building in 3D, produced on a computer in order to analyze it, control it and simulate certain behaviors. BIM is therefore a structured set of information on a building, existing or planned. It contains the objects making up the building, their characteristics and the relationships between these objects. Thus, the detailed composition of a wall, the location of equipment or a piece of furniture in a room, are part of BIM. This information completes the purely geometric description of the shape of the building, produced by certain software.

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