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Video file - Presentation of the MIM electromagnetic flowmeter


Instrumentation industrielle pour mesure et contrôle débit, pression et température, niveaux, gaz et liquides.

Activité / Expertise

Flowmetry, Liquid measurements, Physico-chemical measurements, Pressure and temperature measurements, Data acquisition, Level measurements, Leak control, Air speed and humidity measurements


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KOBOLD INSTRUMENTATION is the French subsidiary of the German group KOBOLD Messring GmbH. KOBOLD has the widest range of instrumentation for the measurement and control of all types of gases and liquids, even viscous, in all areas of industry. - flow (flowmeters with float, paddle, valve, rotor, fin, oval wheels, gears, electromagnetic, thermal mass vortex, oscillation, coriolis, ultrasound, ..) - pressure (manometers, pressure switches, relative, absolute or differential pressure transmitters ) - level (float level controllers, vibrating blades, capacitive, pears, optics, ultrasound, vibrating bar, rotary wing, membrane, .. radar level measurement, ultrasound, float, capacitive, potentiometric, hydrostatic pressure, .. ) - temperature (expansion, bimetallic thermometers, thermostats, platinum probe or thermocouples) - analysis (pH, conductivity, humidity, turbidity, density)

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