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MCE Metrology

Distributeur de solutions en métrologie dimensionnelle : machines de mesure 2D et 3D.

Activité / Expertise

Dimensional and three-dimensional measurements


MCE Metrology is a company created in 1995, specialized in the sale of 2D and 3D measurement solutions. Today we distribute 5 different technologies:
- Multi-sensor 3D measurement that can combine optical, probing, confocal and laser (machines from the Micro-Vu range),
- Optical scan that can be combined with probing and/or a confocal sensor (machines from the Vici Vision range),
- Three-dimensional measuring machine (CMM), dedicated to scanning and probing (machines from the Coord3 range),
- 3D scanners from the eviXscan range
- Roughness measurement with the T&S range

With our 5 agencies spread over France and Switzerland, we are developing our local network in order to meet companies wishing to improve their activity(ies).
ISO 9001 certified on all our processes and Qualiopi for the training part, we do everything we can to satisfy our customers and give them the best possible quality of service.

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