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Capteurs et Systèmes de Mesure Innovants.

Activité / Expertise

Physical measurements of gases, Measurements of liquids, Optical measurements, Pressure and temperature measurements, Force and torque measurements, Position and displacement, Weighing, Development of measurement solutions, Dimensional and three-dimensional measurements


For several years, our technological watch work has enabled us to select the best measurement systems on the market in the fields of force, pressure, temperature, displacement and deformation. We are able to provide you with products that meet your cost and specification requirements. Our partners are at the cutting edge of technology, and when they don't offer unique products, they certainly offer the best performance and are leaders in their industry. Our novelties: - TEKSCAN high temperature force distribution sensors - 2D and 3D non-contact extensometry system - All materials, all temperatures, unrivaled resolution and precision - Miniature high frequency sensors for combustion chambers and spark plugs.

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