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Capteurs de déplacement et température, système haute précision.

Activité / Expertise

Optical measurements, Pressure and temperature measurements, Position and displacement, Colorimetric measurements, Calibration


Micro-Epsilon has been designing, producing and marketing for 40 years the largest selection in Europe of distance sensors, innovative temperature sensors as well as measuring devices and high precision systems for industrial applications (dimensional measurement and thermal control production line and at the edge of the line). Micro-Epsilon sensors and solutions are regarded around the world as guarantors of reliable and extremely precise measurement results. Products & Services: sensors, metrology, analysis of material properties, automation, regulation, control, vision, hardware, software and systems, special measurement and control machines, mechanical measurements, measurement instrumentation. Our range: - displacement, distance, length and position sensors - 2D / 3D measurement systems - infrared sensors and systems - turnkey solution - OEM type.

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