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Video file - Interview of the ceo of mirSense on our gas sensors


mirSense a été crée en janvier 2015 et Mickael Brun et Mathieu Carras co-fondateurs de la société se sont donné comme mission de démocratiser l’utilisation d’un type de laser semiconducteur bien particulier, les lasers à cascade quantique. Grâce à des brevets déposés lors de leurs travaux au sein de grand groupe public et industriel, ils ont les arguments permettant de dire que les capteurs chimiques de demain seront à base de lasers avec un ratio coût/bénéfice inégalé grâce à l’utilisation de semiconducteurs.

Activité / Expertise

Physical measurements of gases, Air quality measurements, Process and laboratory spectrometry, Measurement by drones


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The multiSense product consists of a multi-gas analysis module, the size of a matchbox, allowing very low detection levels (10 ppb) at a cost never before achieved. Multisense brings together, within it, 2 patented technological bricks resulting from several years of development which have enabled it to reach industrial maturity: Infrared QCL Lasers and a Photoacoustic cell. Quantum Cascade Lasers are one of the only technologies that can produce an emission in the mid-infrared (3µm-12µm) at room temperature and directly.
This wavelength range has the advantage of being the most significant for the analysis of gaseous molecules: most polluting and sought-after gases absorb radiation in this range.
Coupled with these lasers, the second technological brick, photoacoustics, ensures the detection of the gas's spectral signature.

The multiSense product thus enables manufacturers and analyzer manufacturers to respond to the constraints of their customers, with emission thresholds that are ever lower and difficult to reach, ever more elaborate test situations, and increasingly accepted costs. more reduced. The main markets of muliSense address environmental issues: Measurement of polluting emissions from industries, Measurement of engine emissions. These markets are accessible thanks to the current product equipped with its electronics. Developments in terms of cost and volume of production, thanks to the use of semiconductors, allow us to consider reaching mass markets such as measurement on each vehicle and the issue of indoor air quality. .

Informations complémentaires

mirSense also manufactures and markets quantum cascade laser systems for spectroscopy or defense type applications.

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