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Video File - Velocity Measurement in Liquids


Etudes et réalisation de systèmes de capteurs innovants pour la mise au point des machines tournantes. Capteurs de vitesse, référentiels d'acyclismes, de vibrations de torsion, de mesure de phénomènes cyclo-stationnaires.

Activité / Expertise

Optical measurements, Force and torque measurements


A specialist for nearly 50 years in non-invasive optical fiber sensors, OPTEL-TEXYS has acquired worldwide recognition for its high-speed sensors on the rotating machinery and turbomachines market.
- Studies and realization of advanced sensor systems and simultaneous reference frames:
Angular SPEED, torsional vibrations, torque, bending.
Sensors & Solutions:
- NVH, tachometer, speed, displacement, vibration, angle measurements.
Encoders & Sights:
- Adhesive incremental coding patterns, precision coding wheels under specifications.
Optical probes
- Standard EMC read heads and on specifications

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