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OROS, fabricant et fournisseur de systèmes de mesure de bruit et vibrations

Activité / Expertise

Data acquisition, Development of measurement solutions, Control, Verification, Tests


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For more than 30 years, OROS has been designing and manufacturing noise and vibration measurement systems (instruments and software) that meet the requirements of players in the automotive, aeronautics, marine, energy, production and automation industries. French company of international scope (80% of turnover for export, 2 subsidiaries, 6 offices, 8 maintenance centers, distributors in more than 35 countries), OROS is a dynamic company where innovation is at the heart of its strategy. allowing to offer a range of high-tech products.

Informations complémentaires

OROS covers data acquisition applications, structural dynamics, industrial acoustics and rotating machines as well as a whole range of associated services: - Data acquisition: Recorder, FFT, Real-time analysis, Monitoring - Machine analysis rotating, from acceptance tests to diagnostics: Order tracking, Synchronous order, Turbomachinery, Torsion, Balancing - Structural dynamics: Operational deformations, Modal analysis, FRF - Industrial acoustics: Octave band, Order tracking, Multi sound level meter - channels, Acoustic power and intensity, Sound quality, Holography, Analysis of transfer paths

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