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Distributeurs de capteurs et systèmes dédiés aux bancs d’essais et applications embarquées en environnement sévères.

Activité / Expertise

Flowmetry, Optical measurements, Pressure and temperature measurements, Data acquisition, Level measurements, Force and torque measurements, Position and displacement, Development of measurement solutions, Calibration, Tests


We are suppliers of sensors and measurement systems for test benches in harsh environments. Specialized in physical measurements such as multicomponent forces, torque measurements, displacement measurements with or without contact, inclination or acceleration measurements, relative, absolute and differential pressure measurements. We also offer measurement systems such as: - Anti-entrapment of windows and sunroofs - Pressure mapping. - Tri-axis and 6 component force sensors and scales. - Force sensors for static and fatigue tests of structures up to more than 9000 kN. - Dynamometric pins for extreme conditions. - Non-contact position measurement: submicron at 60 mm, -269 to +600 ° C, and vibrations of moving and rotating mechanical parts. - Multi-track slip rings with compact and sealed versions. - 6-axis wheel sensors or Michigan torque meters intended for measuring the behavior of passenger vehicles, trucks or agricultural machinery. In stainless steel or titanium, the 6-axis sensors are available with rotating collector or telemetry.

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