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Créée en 1993, STIL SAS (Sciences & Techniques Industrielles de la Lumière) offre son expertise dans l'instrumentation optique à hautes performances.

Activité / Expertise

Optical measurements, Position and displacement, Development of measurement solutions, Control, Verification, Dimensional and three-dimensional measurements


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Inventor of confocal chromatic imaging, a pioneering technology in the field of non-contact sensors, STIL has developed two families of sensors: point sensors (from 0.1 micron to 100 mm) and line sensors (line widths ranging from from 1.8 mm to 45 mm). These high resolution non-contact sensors meet the most demanding metrological applications for measurements of dimensions, thickness or surface finish. They are suitable for both the industrial environment for on-line control and the research laboratory and allow measurements on any type of object (transparent, opaque, polished, rough) and all type of materials (metals, glass, semi -conductive, ceramic) without sample preparation. Complementary activities: Vision, Inspection

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