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Video file - WIKA company presentation

WIKA Instruments

Spécialiste des solutions pour la mesure de pression, température, niveau, débit, force, ainsi que pour les équipements et services d’étalonnage en pression, température et grandeurs électriques.

Activité / Expertise

Pressure and temperature measurements, Level measurements, Force and torque measurements, Development of measurement solutions, Control, Verification, Calibration, Testing, Leak control, Data acquisition


WIKA is a global market leader in pressure, temperature, level and flow measurement. In partnership with our customers, we develop high-performance measurement solutions based on high-quality measurement technology components that will ultimately be integrated into their processes.

For 75 years, we have developed 6 major product families:
- Pressure with transmitters, manometers, mechanical and electronic pressure switches, ...
- The temperature with probes, thermowells, transmitters, mechanical thermometers, ...
- The level with level indicators, transmitters, regulators, ...
- The flow rate with orifice plates, nozzles, Venturi tubes, Pitot tubes, ...
- Calibration equipment for pressure and temperature with digital manometers, pressure controllers, pressure balances, calibration baths and ovens as well as standard thermometers.
- Force with force sensors

For the past few years, we have focused on developing IIoT solutions to support the digital transformation of our customers in the industry.

Another area that is of major importance to WIKA is service, for many years we have been offering services: installation, training, repair, but also calibration, maintenance and repair to our customers, thanks to our accredited laboratories.
In France, we have our own COFRAC-accredited calibration laboratory for calibration services and maintenance, as well as our truck equipped to perform on-site calibrations.

Informations complémentaires

WIKA looks to the future with its new slogan "Smart in sensing"!

With "Smart in sensing", the WIKA Group underlines its corporate strategy for the coming years. This takes into account the megatrends of digitalisation, decarbonisation and demographic change, which pose major challenges for many industrial sectors.
These challenges also offer promising growth potential, such as the networking of systems and processes, the expansion of renewable energies, sustainable mobility solutions and the security of food and medicine supply.
On this path, as the slogan expresses, WIKA supports its customers with intelligent and high-precision sensor technology.

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