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Analyse Industrielle 2023

2 days of exhibition

April 5 and 6


Champerret space



The 34th edition of the unmissable exhibition for Analysis and Industrial Processes is being held on April 5 and 6, 2023 in Paris, Espace Champerret, face-to-face.

Manufacturers of analyzers, industrial detectors in the fields of gas, oil, fluids and air and other suppliers of process instruments will be present.

Between the exhibition, the technical conferences and the workshops, this new edition of the Industrial Analysis fair will not fail to be the theater of commercial exchanges and presentation of the latest innovations, for the actors of the sector (manufacturers, manufacturers and distributors, integrators, service providers, etc.)

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Guillaume COURCELLE , Show director

Is she DUFLOT , Director of the Measurement Network

Round tables and expert workshops

Over 2 days, 1 cycle of 30 round tables and expert workshops to learn about best practices in France and abroad through business applications and practical case studies, demonstrations and presentations of new products, to find out everything on the latest developments in the Analysis, Instrumentation and Industrial Processes market.


Many subjects underlie recourse coupled with analytical approaches and instrumentation-sensors, which prove to be complementary to meet the multiple challenges of competitiveness, to respond to the challenges of decarbonization. This systemic look at solutions also involves taking into account the dimension of intelligent data processing. Hence the positioning resolutely open to the three components (analysis, sensors and data processing) of the conference program and the show for this 2023 edition.


Pre-program 2023 (extract) : (Complete program on


  • Surveillance and Evaluation environmental of Site (s classified : which revised methodologies to effectively meet legal air quality obligations and reduce environmental risks?
  • Decarbonization through energy and water efficiency: intelligent instrumentation of assets industrial, an effective solution to meet the challenges of decarbonization and the sustainability of activities
  • Cybersecurity of data industrial : what issues, what methods to approach the subject, what concrete solutions to protect yourself?

INDUSTRY 4.0: digitization of industry

• What opportunities open up with digital twins, with what links and synergies with instrumentation and analysis?
  • Maintenance 0 : multiplication of tools and solutions maintenance of industrial equipment. Sensors and digital means allowing the management of equipment and the carbon footprint.
• Energy-autonomous sensors for industry: an offer now operational
  • What opportunities offer the drone and the robots instrumented for inspection and the management of accidental risks?
• The training challenge in the light of industry 4.0

How to develop the expertise of its technicians and engineers? What training?



  • New SHORT incineration, last line right : how to set it up in a relevant way? how to make it an asset of efficiency and competitiveness?
  • Analysis and control of the quality of waters of process in continued : what tools ?
  • Analyzer maintenance: what monitoring tools are available?
• New advances in continuous process analysis and feedback

Examples of innovative projects, new analyzer functionalities etc.

  • Particles fine and nanoparticles in industry : what means of monitoring and characterization?
  • Gas renewable (Biogas-biomethane, hydrogen, gas of synthesis…) : emergence of new analysis and measurement needs
• Monitoring and analysis of aqueous discharges: new challenges for new industrial requirements and needs. Beyond the regulatory obligations, how to ensure the harmlessness of discharges? How to anticipate a tightening of controls? With what new tools?


  • Miniaturization and compactness of means analytical and metrological : what progress? what new applications? what advantages?
• What industrial uses for new terahertz sensor technologies? First industrial returns...
• Quantum technologies: what can we expect in terms of sensors and industrial analysis?
  • What contributions for AI in to analyse and metrology ? Examples and feedback...
  • Vision industrial and imagery : what developments for what uses in industry?
• R&D: what technologies and improvements are maturing in the laboratories and collaborative projects?


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