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Charte Réseau Mesure

For daily operation Charter of the Measurement Network

Please read this document carefully before using the site.


Preamble / Foreword

This charter defines the terms of use of the site
The site allows online consultation of information and data on the Réseau Mesure association, including news, testimonials, standard documents, etc., as well as access to various services such as a directory, a classified ads service. ... Access to some of the data and services may be restricted, or even chargeable, as explained below. In this case, a warning appears on the page allowing you to access it.
Anyone browsing the site is considered a user, whether or not they are identified on the site, contributor or not, subscriber or not.

Acceptance of the charter of use

By using the Réseau Mesure site, the user agrees to respect the conditions of use and navigation defined in this charter. As the charter can be modified at any time by the publisher without prior notification, it is up to the user of the site to consult it regularly. The user is deemed to have accepted the latest version on each new connection to the site. Any connection to the site is subject to compliance with this charter.

User engagement

The user agrees not to violate any law or regulation. In particular, the following are prohibited, under penalty, where applicable, of criminal penalties:
invasion of the privacy of others (naming third parties without their explicit consent). In this context, sending unsolicited electronic messages to users of the site is prohibited;
defamation and insult;
incitement to crimes and offenses and incitement to suicide, incitement to discrimination, hatred in particular racial, or violence;
the defense of all crimes, including murder, rape, war crimes and crimes against humanity; denial of crimes against humanity;
the reproduction, representation or distribution of a work subject to intellectual property rights which do not allow it;
advertising or messages or content of any kind for commercial purposes;
discussions dealing with the copying of commercial software for a use other than a backup copy under the conditions provided for by the intellectual property code.

Rights of the Measurement Network

The Measurement Network reserves the right at any time to:
remove immediately and without prior notice any content of any kind whatsoever, and in particular any message, photograph or graphic that contravenes the laws and regulations in force and in particular the regulations mentioned above.
change the charter for any reason. The online charter takes precedence over the printed charter. It is up to the user to stay informed of changes to the charter by consulting the dedicated page. If one or more of the provisions of this charter were invalidated for any reason whatsoever, the other provisions will retain all their force and scope.
interrupt or suspend all or part of the site or even modify, add or amend the existing site to improve its ease of use or enrich it, without any obligation of prior information or compensation of any kind.
terminate all or part of the right of access, delete the account and password, remove any content distributed and terminate, as of right and without compensation or notice, any membership concerning any user who has not complied with any of the provisions of this charter.
change all or part of the identifiers, in particular for technical or security reasons, without the user being able to claim any compensation.

Intellectual property rights

The Measurement Network and its partners are holders of all intellectual property rights and rights of use / distribution relating to the elements contained in the site, covering, without this being limiting, the domain names, brands and logos, graphics and illustrations, images and photographs, articles, documents, databases including, in particular, news information as well as specific software developed for the use of the site.
The user is prohibited from any commercial use, direct or indirect, of the site and its contents, and therefore any reproduction of the contents of the site with a view to modification, sale, republication, communication, online distribution, direct or indirect exploitation, for commercial purposes, of all or part of the intangible elements of the site, its services or the right of access to the site.
The user has a right of use for non-commercial use for private purposes, professional or not, with the right of reproduction, modification, distribution and storage, subject to the author's quotation and source. It is a personal and non-transferable right.


The user acknowledges that, notwithstanding all the means implemented by the Measurement Network, the internet presents technical specificities which imply the impossibility for the Measurement Network to guarantee absolute continuity of access to the service and response times. , as well as security in data transmission.
In all cases, the user accepts that the information and services offered on the Réseau Mesure site:
may be interrupted for cases of force majeure or beyond the control of the Measurement Network or for facts not falling under its responsibility,
may contain errors of a technical or human nature,
may induce occasional data loss.

Respect for IT integrity and security

The user undertakes to comply with the regulations in force in the field of computer fraud, and as such, to refrain from attempting an intrusion into an automated data processing system or from altering, totally or partially the elements which 'it contains. He is informed that such acts are punishable by criminal penalties. It is also the responsibility of the user not to transmit any elements containing viruses, to use the site for any malicious action such as hacking or other hackings.


The user may be forced to indemnify the Measuring Network in the event of damage or claim from third parties resulting from the sending, distribution or transmission of content by the user or the use of the site in an unauthorized manner or non-compliance with the provisions of the charter.

Links to the site

The establishment of links to the page whose address is is authorized under the following cumulative conditions:
that this page appears under the above-mentioned address,
that, if the links are established from the semi-figurative mark, the Measurement Network authorizes the reproduction and representation for this purpose only,
that the sites operating links to this address carry out an activity and disseminate information, images and any other medium in accordance with public order and good morals and in general comply with French law.

Links to other sites

The links offered to sites external or internal to the Measurement Network can not engage the responsibility of the Measurement Network for their content and their access conditions. Such links do not constitute a recommendation or validation of the sites in question or their content.

Guarantee / Quality

The Measuring Network does not guarantee the site's compliance with a specific need or use, nor with operation free from interruptions, errors, disturbances, viruses or failure, whatever the cause.
In general, the Measurement Network does not guarantee the completeness, exhaustiveness and accuracy of the content of the information and services offered on the site, the Measurement Network using all available means to provide Internet users with content. quality.
In any event, the responsibility of the Measurement Network, of one of its partners or of its employees cannot be sought for the use that the user will make of the information and services offered on the site and / or its navigation.


The user is responsible for the passwords assigned to him for access and the implementation of the restricted access services of the site
It is up to him to:
implement the precautionary and security measures necessary to protect their usernames and passwords,
contact the Measurement Network without delay if it becomes aware of a theft, loss or use of its identifiers by an unauthorized third party.
The Measurement Network cannot be held responsible for the fraudulent use of identifiers used by a third party having stolen them.

Restricted access content and services

Access to certain content and services offered on the site is strictly reserved for members of the Measurement Network and is marked as such. Unless otherwise indicated, the use of the services concerned is free.
To access the services in question, the user is asked to:
fully and permanently comply with all the legal and regulatory provisions in force, and in particular those described above. As such, the user is solely responsible for the information, messages, images and in general any content that he distributes via the services offered. The user declares to release the publisher from any responsibility in this regard and, as necessary, will release him unharmed and guarantee him against all convictions which could be pronounced and which would be the consequences of their publication,
accept that the Measurement Network decides, without prior notice, not to publish or to remove, in whole or in part, any content if this content is likely to infringe the laws and regulations in force or good morals or the provisions of this charter.
These services include in particular:
A directory that can be consulted online: members who subscribe to the site can appear there after having completed a registration form. Consultation of this directory is governed by the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code. In particular, it is prohibited to extract all or part of the content of the database, by any means or in any form whatsoever.
A tool making it possible to publish an advertisement on the site on topics related to the subject of the site by following the input frame of the advertisement provided.
Testimonials: the user has the possibility of offering a testimonial on topics related to the purpose of the site by filling out the contact form dedicated to this service.
In all cases, the user undertakes to provide complete, accurate and up-to-date information via the input forms offered. When the service in question allows the publication of data on the site, the latter may be subject to the prior sending of a confirmation email from the publisher. This is then mentioned in the data entry form.
It is up to the member company to ensure, under its responsibility, that the referent and any delegates, insofar as they can enter or modify data concerning him on the site, have the capacity to engage the member company within the framework of these prerogatives. Each delegate will be assigned a password which he undertakes to keep under the conditions set out in the "Passwords" chapter.

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