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VSEs and SMEs access the advantages of an (almost) CE


What an injustice to see all these people benefiting from reduced admission tickets to amusement parks such as Disneyland Paris, Parc Astérix or Beauval Zoo.

Why can't you who work as much as the employees of large companies enjoy similar benefits?

Think again !

There are solutions, cinema screenings, discounts in specialized stores, permanent discounts at your favorite retail chains.

How is it possible ?

Different structures or companies have specialized in this field. They are positioned as a central purchasing body and allow a multitude of VSEs and SMEs to access advantages previously reserved for companies with more than 50 employees.

How does it work?

In our case, there is no CE permanence. We are even better. Thanks to an online account you order or benefit directly from your advantages.

Reductions for you from your office or your home: Skis, Restaurants, Travel, Stays.

The experience places employees - by the Measurement Network:

Place des salariées is an important partner for the members of the Measurement Network. It was chosen for its seriousness and obviously for the offers it offers. Employees' place is backed up by another department, this time intended for the purchase of supplies, equipment and services for your company. This service is called Haxonéo and is one of the pillars of the Measuring Network purchasing groups.

So why not you ?


Take advantage of this offer by becoming a member of the Measurement Network (by clicking here) and subscribe to this advantage reserved for members at a very special price.

If you are not yet completely convinced by the advantages of the Measuring Network, we will present to you in a future article other advantages of the Measuring Network.






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