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KOBOLD - MIM electromagnetic flowmeter on Measurement World 2021

MIM electromagnetic flowmeter

Compact, Multivariable, complete

KOBOLD Messring GmbH has just launched a brand new electromagnetic flowmeter on the market: the MIM.

This resolutely modern flowmeter has advantages enabling it to meet a large number of applications (up to 100 l / min for the moment) without having to resort to multiple options.

First of all, we can note its extreme compactness and its large color touch screen swiveling by soft. Then, its all-metal design with its stainless steel threaded connections and its IP67 stainless steel case allow it to withstand strong mechanical or environmental stresses. And then, the range of its standard functions ends up seducing us:

  • Flow and temperature measurement (2 transmitters in one instrument)
  • 2 fully configurable outputs ((0) 4-20mA, (0) 2-10V, contact (NPN, PNP, PP), pulse, frequency)
  • Bidirectional flow measurement
  • 2 totalizers as standard (including 1 with reset)
  • Parameter setting by touch buttons (even with gloves)
  • Dosing function with contact input
  • 2-line display with color change on overscale
  • Configuration menu in French
  • 2 configurable function keys

The group KOBOLD, of German origin, designs, manufactures and markets industrial instrumentation equipment through its French subsidiary. The range is one of the most complete on the market in terms of indicators, controllers or transmitters for:

  • Debit : float, pallet, rotor, turbine, oval wheel, gear, calorimetry, differential pressure, electromagnetic, coriolis, thermal mass, ultrasound, ...
  • Level: float, pear, conductive, vibrating blade, ultrasound, radar, magnetic gauge, capacitive, optical ..
  • Pressure: manometers, pressure switches, transmitters
  • Temperature : thermometers, thermostats, probes, thermocouples, ..
  • Analysis: pH, redox, conductivity, turbidity
  • Humidity

In addition, having a competent and responsive team in France, KOBOLD is able to provide you with the optimal solution to all your basic instrumentation problems.


For more information, please contact: 


BP19051 95071 CERGY PONTOISE cedex

Phone. : 01 34 21 91 15 fax: 01 34 21 92 18 E-mail:

KOBOLD will welcome you on the stand 2L51 on Measurement World from September 6 to 9, 2021

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