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Development of the action plan working groups

Members create the association's action plan

The Measurement Network is a non-profit association under the 1901 law, bringing together companies specializing in instrumentation, measurement and related activities with the aim of strengthening the competitiveness of companies by meeting their development needs.

Since 2002, Le Réseau Mesure has operated based on two strong principles:

  • Members propose actions
  • The Measurement Network, if it brings added value, implements them in a collective framework
groupes de travail


A simple goal:
Promote the development of your business

An effective method:
Implement the actions you ask us to do

A permanent framework:
Collective actions with added value by the measurement network

Well-known tools:
Mutualization and mass effect

 A working group is formed from the interest of 3 members for a theme.
groupes de travail

Current working groups:

Trade fairs

  • Organization of trade fairs including Measures Solutions Expo
    Lyon, Pollutec pooled participation ...


  • Parcel transport, vehicle rental, insurance,
    central purchasing


  • Pooling of prospecting for export

Terms of Sales

  • A shared solution to develop and / or revise their
    Terms of Sales

Digital communication

  • Optimization of visibility on the Net
  • Use of social networks
  • Training

Market and business opportunities

  • Strategic and operational market information
    • Pooled monitoring action
  • Business transfer and financing

Physico-chemical analysis of water

  • Thoughts on Wastewater Treatment and Measures


The road and the company

  • Recover driver's license points and insurance savings
  • Eco-driving / Circuit driving courses

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