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In a complicated health context, companies are wondering about the means to optimize their commercial productivity.

  • How do you prospect when you can't see the customers?
  • How to sell remotely and with what tools?
  • How to manage the activity of salespeople?
  • How to transform breeders into hunters?
  • How to succeed in selling more expensive?
  • So many questions dealt with by our consultants, all experienced, and who are the subject of many missions


Diagnostic objectives


Qwantiq offers all members of the Measuring Network a Commercial Performance Diagnosis using a questionnaire.

Pragmatic, this diagnosis has already enabled many companies to quickly identify performance levers and generate results. It is completely free and does not commit you to anything.

This Diagnosis will allow you in a few minutes to identify some avenues for improvement such as:

  • Your ability to generate inbound leads.
    Your growth depends on your ability to detect new opportunities from both customers and prospects. These few questions will allow you to position yourself on the efficiency of your processes, methods and tools.
  • Your ability to gain new customers.
    For better results, you want more clients in your portfolios. Are your salespeople cut out for the race? Do they have the right methods? Do you know how to remunerate them and manage them to achieve their objectives? In a few clicks, you will know more.
  • Your ability to develop customers
    You already have enough customers but you want to take market shares from each of them. Do you have the best practices to achieve this?
  • Your ability to launch new products.
    You have finally finalized your new products and you are ready to market them. Part of the success is in the hands of your salespeople. Are they equipped to give you satisfaction?
  • Your ability to retain customers
    You see that your customer portfolios are eroding. Identify what to do in a few questions.
  • Your ability to sell at the right price
    Your customers are negotiating more and more and this impacts your margins. Which levers to use
    to correct the shot
  • Your ability to properly manage your sales force
    To achieve their goals, your salespeople must put in enough effort
    and in the right place. Have you put in place the means to manage them?
  • Your ability to gain engagement
    We all know that motivation is a source of success if we know how to channel it. East
    this your case
  • Your ability to adapt to the current context and to intelligently mix remote and physical appointments
    Have your salespeople succeeded in working their client portfolio or their prospects remotely, on the phone or in Visio? Have you managed to adapt your management?
    Do you know which step of the process to do remotely? Are they effective?

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