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Enclosure mapping with FD5 and Visulog 

        • Program a control unit according to the type of sensor
        • Use the modules and adapt the programs by programming Visulog
        • Enter probes uncertainties and enclosure specifications
        • Use the 9-way and 15-way mapping modules
        • Use the modules in temperature and humidity
        • Select a measuring range and use the results
        • Edit a calibration report
        • Understand and explain a mapping calibration report

The training will be provided by AOIP, a specialist in instrumentation and engine control solutions with performance recognized worldwide.

Réseau Mesure is referenced as a Datadock training center, the training can be taken care of by your OPCO.

Number of trainees per session: training exclusive to a company.

The training dates are to be defined with the trainer from the AOIP company. 

The program can be modified according to the needs of the trainee.

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