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OPUS QUANT 2 – Quantitative predictions by partial least squares (PLS) in near infrared


This training is intended for any advanced user of the OPUS software, laboratory manager or quality manager who wishes to create or update near-infrared quantification methods - use the QUANT module of the OPUS software - understand how a model is created and how to evaluate the quality of a PLS model.

The training will be provided by the company bruker.

Réseau Mesure is referenced as a QUALIOPI certified training center allowing support by your OPCO.

Number of trainees per session: training exclusive to a company.

Evaluation 2022: 6 trainees - 19/20
Evaluation 2023: 1 intern - 18.3/20

The training dates are to be defined with the trainer from the Bruker company. 

The program can be modified according to the needs of the company.

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