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Reduce your costs: Access "key account" rates negotiated with several suppliers in different areas

Simplify your purchases: Access an innovative online platform to simplify the management of your purchases

Control your purchases: Manage multiple users, set up order validation rules and view your history


Haxoneo is an “overhead” purchasing group for very small businesses, SMEs and mid-sized companies.

“Access the same advantages as large groups”

For 10 years, Haxoneo has offered "major account" pricing conditions for all your business purchases, negotiated through the pooling of the purchasing volumes of its 15,000 members.
With Haxoneo, you have access to a innovative multi-supplier online ordering platform. Thanks to its many features and the rates already negotiated, you save time and save money (25% on average on your overheads).

Prices are negotiated with supplier-partners selected for their quality of service, in different areas: packaging, transport, parcel shipments, finance, industrial supplies, office supplies, protective equipment (PPE), human resources, vehicles, etc. .

In the longer term, Haxoneo monitors framework contracts and continually enriches its group of new members and new supplier-partners to make it even stronger.

The “+” Haxoneo:
- You keep control of your purchases: management of user profiles, rules for validating orders, monitoring your budgets, etc. ;
- You order the desired quantity: no volume commitment;
- You make all your purchases on a single platform;
- You remain free to use or not the Haxoneo conditions and partners;
- You benefit from purchasing expertise thanks to a dynamic team at your service to help you.

Haxoneo website


You want a presentation of the Haxoneo purchasing group and know how to reduce costs on all your indirect purchases: click HERE

Economie HAXONEO 2022

Arnaud Lapierre - HAXONEO

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Discover the savings made in 2022 for members of the Measurement Network HERE


+ How it works ?
For 10 years, Haxoneo has been offering "large accounts" pricing conditions for all your professional purchases, negotiated thanks to the pooling of the purchase volumes of its 15,000 members.

With Haxoneo, you have access to a innovative multi-supplier online ordering platform. Thanks to its many features and already negotiated rates, you save time and money.

Thanks to your membership in the Measurement Network, you benefit from a 40% reduction on your membership in the Haxoneo purchasing platform.


+ [New Partner] Smaaart: equip your fleet with refurbished smartphones in circular economy, short circuit and in France

Expert in after-sales service in telephony, SOFI Groupe has naturally diversified towards phone reconditioning with Smaart. With its know-how and the very strict protocols adopted for the reconditioning of Smartphones, it is the market leader in terms of:

  • Quality of products and quality of service
  • Refurbishment process carried out exclusively in France
  • Development of a innovative collection network in order to carry out its activity according to the circular economy scheme in a short circuit (in partnership with ADEME, the Department of Ecological and Energy Transition of the Occitanie Region and Eco-Systèmes)

Discover Smaart

+ [Testimonials] Feedback from our members

"Thanks to our partnership with HAXONEO, I discovered the services of NORAUTO for the maintenance of our car fleet.

After only 2 months of collaboration, many advantages distinguish this service provider:

  • A irreproachable responsiveness when requesting intervention.
  • The quality administrative follow-up, in particular by sending the estimate before carrying out the work.
  • A really friendly and dynamic welcome both on the phone and during visits to the NORAUTO centre.

In short, our collaboration will necessarily increase in power given the quality of service and I therefore recommend this service provider for the maintenance management of a company car fleet. »

- Gurvan ODOT, Head of General Services NAVTIS Group

“We were looking for a mobile operator offering the best network coverage with a real alternative for managing our mobile fleet while combining a global economy. We are lucky to have chosen Coriolis Telecom as an operator.

Indeed, Coriolis Telecom relies on Orange and SFR mobile terminations. It therefore offers a real alternative with the best 4G network coverage and tomorrow 5G. Without forgetting, precise extranet management for orders and after-sales service management of our mobiles and smartphones. »

- Company CINVEST J. Pujo


"I got to know the HAXONEO platform thanks to Estelle Duflot, during a presentation to CIFL members as part of our partnership with the Measurement Network, who convinced me real savings that we could do within my company.

For more than two years, I have been shopping for office supplies, of cafeteria and of office furniture through the purchasing group.

I realized from real savings in all these areas.

The site is easy to use and the Haxoneo team is still available to meet my expectations. »

- Véronique HUGEL, Administrative and Financial Director, at INTEGRA Biosciences SAS

Veronique Hugel


In summary what is Haxoneo?

  1. A buying group pooling overheads and indirect purchases of more than 15,000 companies since 2011
  2. Of savings from 10 to 50 % on your current rates
  3. No volume commitment from you to benefit from the negotiated rates which are on
  4. An online shopping platform, simple, and innovative offering 60 shopping categories different at 80 suppliers
  5. A multi-supplier basket allowing you to win time
  6. Control over your budgets for better optimize your purchases
  7. analysis department and one savings plan at your disposal to estimate your savings
  8. customer service at your disposal, reachable by phone or email 5 days a week

As a member of the RESEAU MESURE, you benefit from 40% discounts on Haxoneo's public membership prices.

> the presentation of Haxoneo

the list of our purchasing categories

> the report on savings made in 2022 by Réseau Mesure members

> the protocol on Haxoneo membership fees / Measurement Network


Dematerialization workshop - 2023 target

Find the information disseminated on June 24 during the workshop led by Haxonéo and Osilog.

  • Why this law on the dematerialization of invoices?
  • What are the impacts for my business?
  • What are the profits for my business?
  • what is obligatory by January 1, 2023?
  • What platform to choose to dematerialize my invoices?

Links to the presentations:


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