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Reduce your costs: Access "key account" rates negotiated with several suppliers in different areas

Simplify your purchases: Access an innovative online platform to simplify the management of your purchases

Control your purchases: Manage multiple users, set up order validation rules and view your history


Haxoneo is an “overhead” purchasing group for very small businesses, SMEs and mid-sized companies.

“Access the same advantages as large groups”

For 10 years, Haxoneo has offered "major account" pricing conditions for all your business purchases, negotiated through the pooling of the purchasing volumes of its 15,000 members.
With Haxoneo, you have access to a innovative multi-supplier online ordering platform. Thanks to its many features and the rates already negotiated, you save time and save money (25% on average on your overheads).

Prices are negotiated with supplier-partners selected for their quality of service, in different areas: packaging, transport, parcel shipments, finance, industrial supplies, office supplies, protective equipment (PPE), human resources, vehicles, etc. .

In the longer term, Haxoneo monitors framework contracts and continually enriches its group of new members and new supplier-partners to make it even stronger.

The “+” Haxoneo:
- You keep control of your purchases: management of user profiles, rules for validating orders, monitoring your budgets, etc. ;
- You order the desired quantity: no volume commitment;
- You make all your purchases on a single platform;
- You remain free to use or not the Haxoneo conditions and partners;
- You benefit from purchasing expertise thanks to a dynamic team at your service to help you.

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Discover the savings made in 2020 for members of the Measurement Network HERE

Webinaire Haxonéo 8 octobre 2021

L'électricité flambe et continue de grimper !

Réagissez maintenant pour limiter l'impact sur votre budget.

Où en êtes-vous sur vos contrats d'énergie 2022 ? Avec la hausse des tarifs et l'échéance de l'ARENH* sur l'électricité dans quelques jours, il est temps de réagir !

Historique des prix du marché

*Date limite au 31 octobre 2021.

Tout comprendre dans cette vidéo :

Pour limiter l'impact sur votre budget :

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Maxime DemarsHAXONEO

Dematerialization workshop - 2023 target

Find the information disseminated on June 24 during the workshop led by Haxonéo and Osilog.

  • Why this law on the dematerialization of invoices?
  • What are the impacts for my business?
  • What are the profits for my business?
  • what is obligatory by January 1, 2023?
  • What platform to choose to dematerialize my invoices?

Links to the presentations:


Company news

Posted on 05/25/2021

One morning, while you are taking your children to school, your assistant calls you in panic: “everything is blocked, I no longer have access to any document”. You come back to the office to see the damage yourself and pray that your IT manager doesn't come too late today. There he is, “phew”, except that there is nothing he can do about it either ... Your data has been hacked and encrypted ...

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