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Invitation: Pressure, Shock & Calibration Meetings

PCB PIEZOTRONICS invite you to come meet us on Tuesday June 6th in St Médard d'Eyrans, Wednesday June 7 in Balma, or Tuesday June 27 in Bourges within the framework of exchange workshops that we organize on the three themes: pressure, shock, calibration.

On the menu

Static and/or dynamic pressure measurements: the keys to reliable measurement

During the development of industrial products (vehicles, aircraft, etc.) or in the context of more fundamental research projects, numerous tests aim to characterize the aerodynamic or aeroacoustic performance systems, in order to allow engineers to acquire a better knowledge of the flow physics surrounding these objects. Of the suitable pressure sensors to the phenomena studied, in particular by a good frequency response, low intrusiveness and high precision, make it possible to better understand the phenomena involved and to study the couplings. Which technology, which model of sensor to use? A thorough technical study will help in choosing the right measurement system.

Our expert Guillaume Bonnavion, doctor in fluid mechanics, will exchange with you and provide some answers to this problem.

Shock, drop, impact tests: impact of the phenomenon to be measured in the choice of the measurement chain

Many trials aim to characterize a shock, or to measure theabsorption of it by a material: airdrop tests, helmet tests, crash test of rolling or flying vehicles, surface validation, etc. These tests face many many issues: multiplicity of sensors to be positioned, intrusiveness, robustness of sensors and connectors, ability to absorb shocks while performing precise measurements at low frequency, etc. 

Luc Migeon and Philippe Briquet will discuss with you, supporting demonstrations, to provide you with answers for successful shock measures.

Calibration of sensors

Whether after destructive tests, in case of doubt about the state of health of the sensor, after one or more years of use: it is essential to carry out regular calibration of the sensors to ensure the reliability of the results. Calibration is also essential to ensure traceability and verify that sensor performance remains within specification.
How are sensors calibrated, depending on the type of sensor and the type of measurements carried out with it, what solutions to manage the calibration of its sensor fleet?

Luc Migeon, application engineer, will introduce you to the basics of calibration, and will offer you demonstration workshops of our different calibration systems.


GUILLAUME BONNAVIONNEW at Piezotronics PCB: Guillaume Bonnavion, fluid mechanics expert
Guillaume is an ISAE-ENSMA Engineer (Poitiers) and holds a Master of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, Illinois, USA). He specialized in external aerodynamics during his experimental thesis carried out at the University of Paris-Saclay (ENSTA Paris) then worked as a Research Engineer in Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics within the Department of Research and Advanced Innovation ( DRIA) of PSA/Stellantis within the framework of PSA-CNAM and CNRS-Laboratoire P' collaborations before joining Elogen (French manufacturer of electrolysers) as R&D Test Engineer. Guillaume has more than 7 years' experience in preparing and carrying out tests, project management (joint laboratory, industrial projects) and has evolved in academic and industrial circles.

Luc Migeon, expert in instrumentation for the measurement of physical quantities, specialist in the Endevco range & TMS calibration solutions

Philippe Briquet, Aeronautics and Defense market manager

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