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The COVID 19 Measurement Network - The masks

By members For members

Visuel masque Bannière

Discover an action taken by the Measurement Network in the face of COVID 19:

Faced with this health crisis, it seemed important to us to act to help each other.

The initiative came from one of our members who has worked with China for a long time.

The message got through in 15 days and more than 140,000 masks were ordered for members of the Measurement Network and members of Acsiel, a partner association.

Things were not easy:

We encountered problems with logistics, customs, delivery times….

But the members were united

3 members agreed to receive packages for all. We have grouped the shipments into 8 shipments.

We finally redistributed 106 packages

Today 42 companies are equipped to relaunch their activity in calm sanitary conditions.

Concrete action "by members - for members!" "

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