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Pooled purchasing

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Benefits for employees


Description des services proposés

We are the works council of VSE SME employees: the advantages of a Works Council are now available to all employees.

Place des Employees is an online platform offering tariff advantages to employees of member companies.
We allow business leaders to give purchasing power to their employees and monitor the actual use made of these various advantages. The use of Place des Salariés has no impact on your employees' pay slips and is not considered a benefit in kind, and therefore not subject to URSSAF.

This is more than 50,000 negotiated rates for leisure and everyday purchases, only accessible to employees of member companies. Employees can save several hundred euros per year on their purchases.

From 5 to 50% discount on travel, press subscriptions, theater, food purchases, leisure purchases, amusement parks, ticket office, shows and other good deals (technical control, car rental, etc.)

Our innovative platform allows you to simplify the management of your purchases by placing your orders online on a single site.

Informations complémentaires

Place des Salariés also allows you to distribute multi-brand gift cards to your employees directly online. Forget paper gift vouchers, go digital!

And in addition, you benefit from all the Place des Salariés discounts by using your gift card on the site.

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