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How to act after the health crisis?


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Decrees, orders ... the official texts governing the attitude to be taken in the face of the coronavirus epidemic

Coronavirus / COVID-19: see the latest published texts

Legal-practical framework and instructions for resuming activity

Since May 11, 2020, France has entered a period of gradual deconfinement.

Find all the information on the deconfinement strategy on the platform: external link

  • The deconfinement of the country began on Monday, May 11. The resumption of economic activities finds a very particular ground in Île-de-France, because of the central role of public transport in professional mobility. In order to facilitate the implementation of health measures for users, MEDEF Île-de-France and its partners have defined the “Organizational arrangements in Île-de-France for the use of public transport during a period of deconfinement”.

As part of this regional agreement, Ile-de-France companies have therefore undertaken to promote teleworking and to stagger the arrival and departure times of their employees. A mandatory certificate of travel during peak hours on weekdays is now necessary in order to respect social distancing and to allow a better distribution of the number of people having to travel in Île-de-France.

You will find via this link the regional charter, the press release and the employer certificate, as well as the questions and answers on teleworking.

If there is a COVID 19 outbreak in the company, what is the responsibility of the company manager?

In the context of COVID-19, the necessary measures are those recommended by the Government, in particular the measures taken to respect barrier gestures and the rules of distancing.

According to the law, “the employer must take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and physical and mental health of workers. These measures include actions to prevent occupational risks, information and training actions, the establishment of an organization and appropriate means "and he must ensure" the adaptation of these measures to take account of the change. circumstances and tend to improve existing situations ”.

Thus, it is not the employer's responsibility to guarantee the absence of any exposure of employees to risks but to avoid them as much as possible and if they cannot be avoided, to assess them regularly based in particular on the recommendations of the government, in order to then take all necessary measures to protect exposed workers.
It is in the light of this framework that the respective obligations of employers but also of employees must be defined.

It is the employer's responsibility in the current situation to:
carry out an assessment of the risks incurred in the workplace which cannot be avoided depending on the nature of the work to be performed;
determine, on the basis of this assessment, the most relevant prevention measures;
involve staff representatives in this work;
when possible, call on the occupational health service whose mission is to advise employers, workers and their representatives and, as such, to recommend any useful information on effective protection measures, the implementation of fence " ;
respect and enforce the barrier gestures recommended by the health authorities.


Complement for teleworking:


- The update of measures to put in place by the employer to protect the health of employees

- Updating the plug on the employer's obligations

- The different guides health security of federations for business continuity by business sector

- The business advice sheets facing covid 19 of the Ministry of Labor

As teleworking is very likely to continue in the coming months, we offer you some advice on how to best manage the distance between teams in order to maintain a link and therefore a work dynamic.



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