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Trade shows As Measure Solution Expo

in 2020


Trade shows

Why participate in a trade show?

In an environment where the development of its service or its notoriety can be done through many ways, there is an event which has proven itself for many years and which continues to live, the trade show.

 What is a trade show?

A trade fair is a thematic event. It brings together in faith

s professionals and customers thus making it possible to create direct contact between supply and demand.

A trade fair is often made up of two parts, the exhibition part where companies sell their services or products and the conference part where professionals discuss a specific subject.

The day before

Trade shows are often organized by theme and by business sector (measurement, real estate, communication, etc.). As a result, the majority of companies also present during the show are your competitors.

It can therefore become a way of keeping an eye on your industry in order to discover new trends in your industry.


In a salon there are companies, but there are also and above all customers and it is for them that you go there. At a trade show, customers decided to be here, which makes the probability of purchase high (unlike a website you can stumble upon by chance). The customer decides of his own free will to participate and is often present to make the purchase on a project or a defined need.

Customers have the opportunity to manipulate your products or have a one-to-one chat with an expert. They therefore feel more confident and supported, which increases your chances of a sale.


Besides having customers who are more apt to buy, customers are more confident at shows. The presence of a company among the list of exhibitors is often a guarantee of quality for the company, it is proof of its seriousness and professionalism.

In addition, your stand allows you to display your visuals, banners, roll-ups to increase your brand image and present your services.

The Measurements trade fair

Mesures Solutions Expo

Measures Solutions Expo - Next edition in 2020 in Lyon

Expo Solution

Measures Solution Expo is a trade show bringing together all measurement professionals. Proposed by the Measurement Network, the latest edition of Measures Expo solutions took place on March 28 and 29, 2018. The objective is to bring together measurement professionals and thus offer visitors a diversified offer with innovative companies and products.

The next edition of this show will take place on October 14 and 15, 2020 in Lyon.



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