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Video file - Contactless measurement presentation

BERTHOLD Technologies

Spécialiste de la mesure sans contact. Détecter & Identifier. Services Commercial & Après-Ventes Filiale française regroupant 3 divisions : - Division Process Control / Industrie - Division Radioprotection - Division Bioanalytqiue

Activité / Expertise

Flowmetry, Liquid measurements, Level measurements, Weighing, Colorimetric measurements, Process and laboratory spectrometry, Control, Air speed and humidity measurements


BERTHOLD FRANCE SAS, based in Thoiry in the Yvelines, brings together the sales and after-sales service activities of devices intended for scientific and medical research as well as for industry. The range of products that we offer participates in the control and quality assurance of industrial production units, and increases safety during handling of radioactive substances in nuclear research and medicine. The Process Control division markets measuring and measuring devices. analysis used in many industrial processes, such as petrochemicals, metallurgy, food industry, wood & paper industry, pharmaceutical industry, environment & recycling, construction materials, etc. The Radiation Protection division markets contamination measurement, irradiation control and laboratory counting devices used in nuclear research, isotope production, in the environment as well as in hospitals. Berthold Technologies, represented in France by its subsidiary Berthold France, is a world leader in the field of detection, particularly in luminescence. Berthold Technologies has a complete range of instruments adapted to the needs of research laboratories (private and public).

Informations complémentaires

PROCESS CONTROL / INDUSTRY DIVISION: Level measurement, density measurement, concentration or dry matter measurement, sludge dryness measurement, humidity measurement, mass flow measurement, turbidity measurement, interface measurement and particle detector dust. Radioactivity detection portal. Fire and explosion risk prevention system for industrial process and storage areas with spark detection, hot spot detection and flame detection. RADIOPROTECTION DIVISION: Activimeters, radioactivity measurement device, radioactivity measurement beacon, aerosol beacons, environment control beacons, gamma counter, nuclear medicine contaminameter, soil contamination control, surface contamination control, radiation protection control, locker room exit control, radioactivity detector, alpha radiation detector, beta radiation detector, radioactive contamination measurement, ambient measurement, radioactivity measurement, low passeur Background noise, survey meter, neutron survey meter. BIOANALYTIC DIVISION: Microplate reader, simple (absorbance reader, luminescence reader, fluorescence reader, polarized fluorescence reader) or multitechnology (multimode reader), monochromator reader, microarray reader, tube luminometer, microplate washer, automatic ELISA, microvolume spectrophotometer, systems in-vivo imaging of small animals and plants, radio-HPLC detectors and gamma counter.

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