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Beamex and Siemens collaborate to facilitate the digitization of workflows in metrology

Beamex-Siemens partnership

Thanks to the close collaboration between Beamex and Siemens, customers using Siemens Lifecycle Management Suite (LMS) software can now benefit from integration with Beamex CMX metrology software. The integration, which is being introduced with the release of LMS version 1.3, enables Siemens customers to generate a paperless flow of metrology data, saving time and reducing the risk of errors in documenting their calibrations with to a digital and automated workflow. Integration with Siemens LMS also offers many benefits for CMX users, such as synchronization of instrument data, which ensures that the correct instrument information is used for performing calibrations.

"We are very pleased to work with Beamex, a partner whose metrology software has been able to be integrated into our Siemens Lifecycle Management Suite software," says Kathrin Kolberg, Head of Sales and Marketing at Services for Process Automation at Siemens AG. .

The Beamex CMX metrology management software is a digital, automated and modular solution depending on the sector of activity. It helps customers plan, manage, analyze and document all calibration work and instruments in a safe and efficient manner. Easy to use, it reduces the time and cost of calibration interventions while eliminating the risk of human error and minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

Siemens Lifecycle Management Suite is a digital platform to facilitate maintenance optimization in process automation. Siemens optimizes plant maintenance by planning, implementing and documenting all service activities.

Based on COMOS MRO, the preconfigured system provides standardized operating procedures for lifecycle-related services and is mapped to existing and integrated SIMATIC PCS 7 system components and process instrumentation.

“The advantage of our joint software as a service (SaaS) offer is its uniqueness and completeness, which means that customers do not have to integrate several software programs together. This offer supports process industry customers in their journey to digitally transition their instrument management and calibration processes,” says Antonio Matamala, Country Manager at Beamex Germany.

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