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CCC has just introduced a new acquisition card in XMC format


Computer Conversions Corporation (CCC) is a company specializing in motion control for over 50 years and distributed by ACQUISYS, the Modular Instrumentation specialist, for more than 20 years. CCC has just introduced a new acquisition board in XMC format with 8 Resolver, Synchro or 2/3/5 wire RVDT/LVDT channels.

The 8 inputs of the card can be configured on site as Synchro / Resolver / LVDT / RVDT single speed or 4 channels Synchro / Resolver / LVDT / RVDT multi-speed with a ratio of 2 to 255. The converters offer excellent monitoring whatever either speed or acceleration. Each of the synchro or resolver inputs can accept a wide range of reference frequencies. A built-in synthetic reference is implemented per channel, allowing multiple simultaneous frequency references and automatic phase compensation per channel, producing exceptional tracking characteristics.

Computer Conversions Corporation (CCC

The main features of the CCC-XMC card are listed below:

  • 8 Resolver, Synchro or 2/3/5-wire RVDT/LVDT channels
  • Wide reference range from 30 Hz to 10 KHz
  • Auto input range 2-28.6V, 26-115V
  • 16-bit resolution in single speed, 24-bit in multi-speed
  • Multi-speed ratio programmable from 2 to 255
  • Accuracy +/- 1 Arc Minute (automatic calibration)
  • Bus isolation 1500 V
  • Digital speed +/- 100 RPS
  • Powered by +5V, +12V and 3.3V from the PCIe Bus
  • PCIe bus via P15 connector

 Further information : near ACQUISYS, the On-board Instrumentation Specialist, on 01 34 52 40 90 or


IP-2022-01  CCC-XMC Card with 8 Resolver, Synchro, 2/3/5-wire RVDT/LVDT inputs  Computer Conversion Corporation (CCC).

Technical documentation :

Acquisys will be present from EXPO 2022 Solutions Measures

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