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IBS – November 17 and 18, 2023 – Paris Porte de Versailles

On 10/17/2023

The show for the performance of tertiary, industrial and collective buildings

Energy transition and digital innovation, a crucial issue for buildings and the City!

For more than a decade after its creation, IBS has been supporting the tremendous rise of NTIC in buildings and the city. This revolution has caused a profound transformation in the approach of players in the regulation and building automation market, with in particular the use of IP networks which have brought new solutions for technical management but also an opening to the world. services.

Several years ago, the awareness of environmental problems, of which climate change is only one of the markers, changed the situation by imposing new constraints in order to make the urban world more sustainable while preserving comfort. and the safety of residents.
Driven by new regulations, such as the BAC decree or the tertiary decree which impose sustainable energy management, the building is reinventing itself, becoming agile and flexible with the help of digital solutions adapted to achieve ambitious energy efficiency objectives. . And the development of renewable energies and energy storage also contribute to this dynamic.
Beyond the energy aspect, both the building and the city are in strong interaction with modes of mobility such as the electric vehicle which naturally comes to recharge in the building. Here too, digital technologies will play a central role.
And if digital solutions with IoT and AI are essential assets for the ecological transition, they too must become more virtuous both in terms of consumption and carbon footprint, from their design to their recycling. A considerable effort therefore remains to be made if we want to decarbonize goods and human activities by 2050 and meet the COP21 objectives recalled at COP26.

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