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Additel's new ADT282 TWO-WAY reference thermometer offers the best possible precision and functionality in the palm of your hand!

To discover on Measurement World stand AOIP 2L98

With precision capabilities comparable to laboratory thermometers, the Additel 282 is able to handle even your most critical measurements. This ultra-high precision portable thermometer features two analog measurement channels designed to facilitate comparison measurements and meet all your temperature measurement needs.

The easy-to-use touchscreen, through a well-designed menu navigation system, saves time and provides a pleasant user experience.

Smart Lemo-style connectors help ensure that your probe's calibration information is never called into question by locking up the calibration data.

The ADT282 Reference Thermometer simplifies metrology and will quickly become your new benchmark when reliable temperature measurements are a must.

Additel's ADT282 Reference Thermometer offers a temperature measurement accuracy of 0.005 ° C (read only), with a typical uncertain system of about 0.013 ° C at 0 ° C when paired with a stable RTD probe.

This new thermometer comes with features such as two measurement channels, RTD and thermocouple measurement capabilities, cold junction compensation for TC measurements, display like a large smartphone, Bluetooth and USB communications, built-in sensor library easy to access, data logging capabilities, IP67 rating and rechargeable lithium battery.

Measurement World: September 6-9, 2021

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