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Reliable pressure measurement despite environmental constraints? 

To meet the constraints of a difficult environment and a restricted space, TEI offers you to
discover the series of pressure sensors #PHE860 developed by #EFE

The #pressure sensor of the PHE860 series are designed to operate in environments with thermal stress, mechanical shock and vibration.

Very small in size and very light (3 grams), they are particularly suitable for on-board applications on vehicles, aircraft, satellites, robots, missiles and on test benches, and for any other equipment where space is limited. 

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Capable of measuring liquid or gas pressures from -1 to 250 bar, their fully welded stainless steel construction (without internal gasket) makes them compatible with the majority of fluids, including the most aggressive. 
They are made from the most proven and efficient sensitive elements and components.

Their very rigorous manufacturing process, incorporating specific burn-in, guarantees quality, precision and stability in the most demanding applications.

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PHE860 – Ultra Miniature Harsh Environment Pressure Sensor – TEI

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