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Verification and calibration intervals

New "Opperet" module for Deca software

The management software for fleets of measuring instruments, This side, is equipped with a new module for optimizing calibration intervals based on the Opperet method (OPtimization of Calibration PERiodicity).

Today, the vast majority of verified instruments are directly returned to service. The application of this method makes it possible to simply arrive at a realistic periodicity, based on use, and in general longer than that applied previously, and induces a greater availability of measuring instruments.

This allows companies to reduce the internal and external costs of calibrations. With the application of the method, these savings can reach over 30 % over the calibration budget (CFM figure).

Here are the features of the module to achieve this goal:

  • A simple definition of the scopes of instruments to be studied thanks to mass import functionalities, the possibility of carrying out several studies in parallel, carrying out the calculation even with equipment having a periodicity already determined by a method
  • The setting of the rating criteria and their weighting in terms of risk based on the criteria of the method. These criteria can be personalized.
  • The scoring of the instruments for each criterion. Possibility of a massive rating on a given perimeter.
  • Graphs allowing the analysis of the distribution of instruments according to criteria and ratings
  • The generation of results with analysis of the elements of the study as well as the current intervals and the “real” intervals calculated using this method
  • The application of the optimized periodicity and the updating of the date of the next verification in the life sheet with full traceability in the software audit trail
  • Calculations of the means and standard deviation by criterion on the studied perimeter and the edition of a report of the study by instrument (which can be personalized according to the needs)


This software module This side aims to offer a dedicated interface and intuitive ergonomics to guide the user in the application of the Opperet method and to benefit from its advantages.

Module Opperet - Instruments

Module Opperet - Résultats modifié

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