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Domaine d’expertise

Industrial measurement

Description des services proposés

The CFM is the accelerator of your metrological transition.
Joining the CFM allows you to upgrade, to follow developments, to anticipate requirements, to optimize production and processes, to assert your competence ...
Improve your measurement processes:
The Technical Guides present good practices for a first level of application. To go further, the Technical Days allow you to focus on relevant information, discover "practical cases" and meet experts.
Build your skills:
Online information provides access to knowledge without having to travel. The exchanges concern all the technical functions linked to the measurement process, from the technician to the manager, to help all teams progress.
Anticipate changes in Metrology:
Subscriptions to technical journals in the sector allow you to follow the news. Partner conferences, days and exhibitions promote the detection and identification of new methods / technologies, players and perspectives in the sector.

Informations complémentaires

All manufacturers and all sectors of activity are concerned: mechanics, health, energy, agrifood, environment, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, education ... and all audiences: from technicians to laboratory managers, including quality managers, R&D, engineering, production, control and management.
Our strength: to be the only association which brings together professionals, manufacturers and service providers, and users of measuring equipment, in Europe.
As close as possible to our members, we bring the "best solutions" and put in touch with the "right" people.

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