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Acquisys Introduces New PXI Express Chassis with Integrated Connection Interface, the PXES-2305


ADLINK, company distributed by ACQUISYS, the Modular Instrumentation specialist, has just introduced a new PXI Express chassis with integrated connection interface, the PXES-2305.

The PXES-2305 chassis is a compact chassis with 5 slots and integrated PCIe connector interface. It is compatible with PXI express and cPCI Express and provides 5 hybrid slots, allowing to support a wide variety of test and measurement applications. It has a system bandwidth of 250MB / s and can support Compact PCI, Compact PCI Express, PXI or PXI Express modules in any slot for maximum flexibility. The PXES-2305 also implements a system monitoring controller, reporting full chassis status, including fan speed, system voltages, and internal temperature.

Acquisys chassis PXI Express 2021

The main features of the PXES-2305 below:

  • Entry-level platform with integrated expansion controller.
  • Replaceable modular cooling fan for reduced maintenance requirements.
  • High cooling capacity per location up to 38 W.
  • Intelligent chassis management with automatic fan speed control, temperature and power monitoring.
  • System bandwidth up to 250MB / s and peripheral bandwidth up to 250MB / s for all locations.
  • Low fan noise, 35.3 dBA, at 25 ° C ambient temperature.
  • Power supply with 320 W power.

 Further information : near ACQUISYS, the On-board Instrumentation Specialist, on 01 34 52 40 90 or

AcquisysAcquisys will be present from EXPO 2022 Solutions Measures

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