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The Measurement Network has set up a partnership for Insurance with CARPRASSUR focused on three axes:


  • Damage Insurance Contract (Civil Liability, Professional and Business Multirisks, Vehicle Insurance, Technical Risks etc ...)
  • Insurance policy for persons and managers (additional group care costs, group and individual provident insurance, company retirement savings, etc.)
  • Cybersecurity

CARPRASSUR benefits from a life center dedicated to social protection:

  • Retirement diagnosis (career reconstruction, quarterly buyback study)
  • Executive compensation strategy
  • Audit of the social protection of the entrepreneur
  • Audit and implementation of social protection within the company
  • Study of compensation devices

The partnership :

1) A personalized approach with real know-how:
Carry out the inventory
Analyze the risks and consequences
Identify priorities
Look for tax levers
Determine your investment
Implement tailor-made solutions
Regular follow-up

2) Pooling of products thanks to the network effect

Tariff offers negotiated specifically for the Measurement Network


The financial consequences following an attack on computer systems (fraud, attack, virus, human error) are excluded from DAMAGE AND RC contracts.

It is the stoppage of the functioning of the company (ERP inaccessible / WEB site inoperative / invoicing-sale impossible, etc.) => OPERATING LOSS

It is the questioning of the Third Party that has been impacted => CIVIL LIABILITY


The CYBER RISK contract becomes an ESSENTIAL to protect your business  


L'assurance Cyber


"I have been working with CARPRASSUR ASSURANCES since 2015. What I particularly appreciate about CARPRASSUR is the quality of advice and listening to our contacts. The monitoring of our contracts is efficient with a real sense of service with people specialized in their profession.

The initial audit made it possible to effectively update my insurance file and to have a real inventory of the solutions in place without systematic questioning. A trusted and local intermediary that I recommend to you. "


Claunel Massies - WIKA



"As a member of the purchasing group, I participated in the choice of the insurance provider. Our choice fell on the company CARPRASSUR which seemed to us to be a company more in line with the type of members of the Network. Measure, mainly SMEs. As a member, we asked CARPRASSUR on various subjects and we were more than satisfied, with friendly, attentive and competent interlocutors and interesting proposed solutions (for example, we have globalized all automobile insurance contracts for our small fleet of vehicles, thus simplifying with a single contract with an additional annual saving of € 400.) I can only advise you to contact them for all insurance aspects. "


Jacques Marionneau - KOBOLD


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