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Offer your employees the same advantages as a works council for large groups.


More purchasing power: a very advantageous tax system

More simplicity: the employee is autonomous and accesses services when he wishes

You have access to more than 50,000 advantages divided into 3 types of offers:

1 - Online sale
The benefits are available on the Place des Salariés site with the possibility of paying by credit card directly on the site (physical delivery or e-tickets)

2 - Directly at the cash desk
The benefits are accessible directly in partner brands upon presentation of a Place des Salariés membership card

3 - Promo code
The benefits are accessible directly on the websites of our partners through the use of promotional codes specific to Place des Salariés

Increase the purchasing power of your employees without paying social charges, it's possible!

And yes, you can reward your employees without either you, the employer, or them having additional costs (social charges, income tax, etc.). A system win-win thanks to a tool that is often misunderstood or misused.

- What is this tool that increases the purchasing power of employees without paying social charges or income tax?

- An example of a company that has implemented this tool and the benefits for employees

- How does Place des Salariés allow you to use this tool in a simple way, on the administrator side and on the employee side?

- In what context can your employees use this tool?

- Other tools to reward your employees, by optimizing the benefits offered by URSSAF

  • Note, the possibility of allocating a pot of up to €2,265 per employee per year without social charges . Discover the presentation of the workshop dedicated to this subject HERE.

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