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Réseau Mesure Express July 8, 2021

A network for its members, through its members

Réseau Mesure Express July 8, 2021: members can find news from the association in Réseau Mesure Express.

July agenda

Claunel Massiès elected President

The General Assembly of the Measurement Network was held on June 29 in Cergy. 19 directors now form the Board of Directors and the new Bureau of the Association which has appointed Claunel Massiès as President as representative of the company WIKA. He will be surrounded by three Vice-President, Martine Failly, representative of Blet Measurement Group, Marc-Robert Henrard Chairman of Navimet and Patrick Robert, President of Syrtem, as well as Jacques Marionneau as treasurer and Christophe Bracon, secretary, who respectively represent the companies Kobold and Wimesure.

Claunel Massiès, 53 years old, from an initial training in Mechanics and Industrial Automation, graduated MG from ESSEC Business School,

Claunel Massiès joined the WIKA group in 2010 as Managing Director of WIKA Instruments. He was subsequently appointed chairman of the group's various acquisitions in France, always with the same objective, to federate and optimize operational efficiency, including commercial development in France and in French-speaking African countries.

At the start of 2021, Claunel Massiès took responsibility for the Distribution policy of the WIKA group as Vice-president of EMEA / India distribution.

Before joining WIKA, Claunel Massiès was at the origin of the establishment of the SMC Pneumatique group in France where he worked for nearly 20 years and where he held various sales management positions.

The objective of the Measuring Network is to guarantee its members a targeted pooled action plan, pragmatic and effective for all and thus support them in their development.

The Measuring Network must be an operational player with the profession, in particular through communication actions, promotion of know-how, pooled purchasing, commercial development or information and awareness.

The priorities of the Measurement Network remain unchanged and Claunel Massiès wishes to maintain a close relationship with the members in order to guarantee them the implementation of an action plan in line with the expressed needs.

The quality of exchanges with the association's partners is therefore essential for the deployment of effective collaborative synergies.


2 places are reserved for each training for members of the Measurement Network,

So why not enjoy it?


Discover our training program for the second semester of 2021 ...

The sales training calendar hosted by QWANTIQ for CIFL is set for the second half of 2021 and early 2022.

In the program :

2-day face-to-face training:

- Sell and Negotiate in the Laboratory

- Provide and Sell the Service

Distance training (3 or 5 modules of 90 minutes each):

- Prospecting and making an appointment

- Successful Telesales

- Distance manager

- Sell in Distance

- Defend its prices

- Management of Commercial Actions

Always with QUALIOPI certified trainers and at the best price for our members. Find out quickly, places are limited ...

With France Relance, the Government is committed to industry. The recovery plan mobilizes a total of nearly 35 billion euros in favor of industry, over the period 2020-2022 around 4 axes: decarbonizing, (re) localizing, modernizing and innovating.

In this context, support mechanisms were launched in summer 2020, in particular calls for projects aimed at supporting strategic investments in key sectors:

  • Investment support and support funds aimed at accelerating the diversification, modernization and ecological transformation of the aeronautical and automotive sectors. To date, 588 winning projects have already been supported. They represent a productive investment of nearly 1,300 million euros at the national level and will benefit from state support of nearly 510 million euros.
  • The nuclear sector investment support fund. It includes in particular the call for projects to support the industrial modernization of companies in the sector and innovation aimed at developing “Factories of the future” solutions as well as the call for projects to strengthen the skills of the sector. nuclear. At present, 20 winning projects have been announced, representing nearly 114 million euros of industrial investments, supported for nearly 32 million euros by the State.
  • The (Re) localization call for projects, aimed at supporting investment in five critical sectors : Health, Food, Electronics, Essential industry inputs (chemicals, materials, raw materials, etc.) and industrial applications of 5G. At present, 309 laureates have already been selected representing more than 2.1 billion euros of industrial investments, supported for nearly 538 million euros by the State.

The opening of these 4 devices was scheduled until 1er June 2021. Faced with the success they have met, (more than 600 projects were still submitted between 1er May and 1er June 2021), these four systems are extended until September 7 (with the exception of the only innovation projects aimed at developing “Factory of the future” solutions for the nuclear sector).

Companies can already submit their application for the latter under these calls for projects. Projects can be deposited on the platform dedicated Bpifrance, until September 7, 2021 at noon. The application procedures and the specifications are available at the following address:

Members of the Measurement Network can be supported by our partner F Iniciativas in their efforts.

Two other devices may also interest you:

  • Decarbonization

Main potential sectors: Health, Agro-Agri, Auto, Aero, BTP, Nuclear, Industry.

Target: SME, ETI, Large Group

Call for projects *: ASP Décarbonation

Target budget: over 200K

Type of expenditure: Investment

Next changeover: continuous (until 12/31/2022)

Purpose: Any industrial investment project generating significant energy savings.


  • Innovation

Main potential sectors: Health, Auto, Aero, BTP.

Target: SME, ETI, Large Group

Call for projects* : ADI, AFI, CORAC, CORAM

Target budget: over 200K

Type of expenditure: Innovation / Investment

Next change: continuous (until 2022)

Purpose: Project relating to the feasibility and development of innovation

Haxoneo webinar: electric or thermal vehicles, what is the real cost for your business?

The question of electric or thermal arises more and more when renewing its vehicle fleet.


What is the real cost?


Between the price of the vehicle, fuel, conversion premiums, taxes, vehicle range, etc., the calculation is not so obvious. We invite you to see more clearly with this webinar.

Friday July 09, 9:30 am-10:00am, online

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • The TCO approach (total cost of ownership),
  • Examples and comparisons of electric vehicles (total or hybrid) or thermal acquired in LLD (Long Term Rental),

Your Questions on this topic

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