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VEGA develops new autonomous sensors

VEGA develops new autonomous sensors for wireless and limitless measurement

VEGA is launching a new range of radar sensors and democratizing the use of data thanks to IoT.

The IoT is an integral part of the digitalization movement that has been taking place for several years and which, through the automation of processes, contributes to the improvement of our daily lives.

The application of Internet and Internet of Things technologies to industry makes it possible to connect industrial equipment and sensors to business information systems. This interconnection allows the retrieval and storage of data which facilitate supervision, decision support and process automation. The analysis of the data collected makes it possible to imagine predictive systems and thus to optimize the processes.

Most of the time, the solutions proposed for level, volume or weight measurement are made up of ultrasonic sensors associated with supervision software. Indeed, the use of radar sensors has long been hampered by technical (wiring and need for power supply) and financial issues. With the stand-alone VEGAPULS Air sensor, VEGA democratizes the use of radar for many applications and increases the range of possibilities. Wireless, self-sufficient in power and reliable, it can be installed quickly and transmit the collected data remotely to a secure cloud. Accessible in real time and across the world, the data can be retrieved via VEGA Inventory System software or transferred to the user's information system.


Many and varied applications:

The possibilities of autonomous sensors are numerous and varied. They affect different areas of activity: waste and water management, supply chain (storage, transport) and make it possible to optimize supplies, the use of resources, to anticipate and to save money.

Optimize supplies and costs ...

 The ease of installation, mobility and autonomy of the VEGAPULS Air 23 sensor make it a perfect solution for stock monitoring in mobile IBC type cubitainers. They allow measurement through plastic, without having to open or modify the container. The content of the IBC can be measured during storage or during transport several times a day. The measured values and the geographical position are transmitted by radio to a secure cloud. This makes it possible to obtain an overview of the stock in real time and thus to better control its supplies, to optimize its logistics and to achieve savings.

Anticipate cleaning operations and avoid inconvenience ...

Autonomous sensors also make it possible to monitor the sanitation networks and in particular the outlets. Transported by runoff, waste can accumulate at the bottom of the manhole and generate overflows or pollution. The use of autonomous radar sensors makes it possible to carry out a permanent diagnosis of the downstream and to detect deposits with reliability. Local authorities can thus anticipate cleaning, avoid inconvenience and meet regulatory requirements. The advantage of radar - compared to other technologies - is its insensitivity to fouling and climatic variations. It operates without dead band and without maintenance, which greatly limits interventions.

Open the field of possibilities.

The new VEGAPULS Air range offers many possibilities in terms of applications and customer benefits. Thanks to its simplicity and reliability, it allows data to be transmitted to a central system to analyze and anticipate actions. It thus contributes to optimizing the supply of animal feed to farms, mobile concrete silos, waste collection or preventing possible flooding… And many other applications.

Reliable and secure measurements

80 GHz radar sensors provide reliable measurements regardless of the surrounding conditions. Wireless, with battery power (up to 10 years of autonomy), they are mobile and operate without maintenance. Their installation is simple and can be done in less than 5 minutes via the VEGATOOLS mobile app (for VEGAPULS Air 23, a simple activation by smartphone or using a magnet is sufficient).

Remotely viewable

The measured values are transmitted to the VEGA Inventory System supervision software in a secure manner and can be viewed online or via a mobile application. Stand-alone devices are compatible with LPWAN or cellular networks and offer NB-IoT / LTE-M or LoRa connectivity. VEGA relies on a multi-communication model. The sensor is equipped with several low-power radio protocols to be preferred according to the uses and the geographical coverage of the networks by the telephone operators.


About VEGA

 VEGA is a German family group that employs more than 1,600 people worldwide, including 750 at its headquarters in Schiltach in the Black Forest (Germany). VEGA is represented in more than 80 countries by its subsidiaries or by commercial representations. The company holds all the necessary certificates and authorizations. This requirement applies to technical safety as well as to product quality.


Press contact: Anne Beauvelle, Marketing Manager

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