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"Professional interview" workshop

Workshop organized with APEC

  • Legislative benchmarks
  • Understand the objectives of the professional interview
  • Appropriate the changes since the law "for the freedom to choose your professional future"

PROFESSIONAL INTERVIEW must be put in place every 2 years by all companies, whatever their size (law of 2014), for all employees, whatever their employment contract: open-ended contract (CDI) or fixed-term contract (CDD), subsidized contract - Single integration contract, work-study contract, etc.

A key management act:

-To identify the employee's key skills, to build loyalty and support its development in line with the needs of businesses (competitive advantage)

-To maintain employee motivation by giving him a glimpse of prospects and opportunities for professional development

-To involve the employee in his development project by allowing him to situate himself in relation to his profession and other professions towards which he could go

-To identify training needs and support the employee, whether it is to develop their skills or simply update them


Please find below the presentation of the workshop and documents that may help you:

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