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Google Ads training: LEVEL 1

Placement of rsponsored SEO with Google Ads
for measurement trades. 




Take advantage of a training day on Google Adwords:

  • Why use Adwords?
  • Opening a Google Account
  • Opening an Adwords account
  • Creation of an administrator / user account (for agencies)
  • Creating a campaign :
    • Broadcasting date
    • Broadcast Schedule
    • Keyword strategy
    • Landing pages
  • Campaign optimization :
    • Analysis
    • Ads optimization (ad extension)
    • Keyword optimization.
  • AdWords over time.

The training will be provided by AcomService, a company specializing in digital communication and internet communication strategy for industrial companies and particularly in measurement.

This training is open for beginners and for people who want to confirm the basics. This training is practical with the creation of ads and put online with demo accounts.


Google Ads training: LEVEL 2       - only face-to-face 

Have you participated in the Ads level 1 training or are you already new to Ads and your results do not suit you?

This training is for you.

In groups of 3 people maximum, we will work on your campaign to analyze, understand and improve it.

5 weeks later, the second day will allow you to analyze and optimize your campaign once again.

(A user account without administration rights must be assigned to the trainer upstream and throughout the duration of the training for personalized support)

Stop spending your Ads budget without being sure to spend it properly.

1 month delay is necessary before the implementation of the training from the order.

Training of 2 days per group of 3 companies maximum


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