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Réseau Mesure Express

Réseau Mesure Express April 29, 2021

A network for its members, through its members

Réseau Mesure Express April 29, 2021: members can find news from the association in Réseau Mesure Express, in particular the program for the month of May.

Benefit from the partnership agreement with the CCI ALGIERS

A device is proposed by the CCIAF and the Meure Network, " full-time commercial or timeshare commercial »In ALGERIA to develop members' commercial activities so that they are as close as possible to their customers and future partners.

Thus, the purpose of the agreement is to support one or more member companies of the MESURE NETWORK within the framework of their commercial development strategies in Algeria, by the CCIAF:

  • The provision of a highly competent human resource, available full-time or part-time with a commercial profile at the rate of 5 days / weeks per FTE.
  • The provision of essential equipment for travel (vehicle, maintenance costs and fuel within the limit of the regional presence of the CCIAF - 200 km perimeter of each regional office).
    • Any movement outside this perimeter will be the subject of an agreement between the parties and will give rise to an additional transfer.
  • The provision of computer equipment necessary for the accomplishment of tasks (LAPTOP, printer, connection modem).
  • The provision of communication equipment (telephone chip, mobile phone, communication package and internet package).
  • The provision of a workspace with the necessary furniture.

Develop its commercial potential in Algeria.

    • Support its customers and prospects.
    • Benefit from a qualified and specialized human resource.
    • Pilot projects with a commercial and managerial relay in the field on a daily basis.
    • Benefit from the strength of the Measurement Network.
    • Benefit from the skills and power of the Consular Network.

CIM2021 program

The International Metrology Congress will take place from September 7 to 9 in Lyon, in partnership with the exhibition Measurement World on the same dates and location as the show Global industry.
The Congress is dedicated to good industrial practices and to R&D applied to measurements, analyzes and tests : this unique meeting is the meeting between science, industry and institutional metrology organizations.

What's up ?

  • Industry 4.0, Green Deal and Health : these are the 3 areas of application for 2021
  • The implementation of CIM2021 will also be an opportunity for new experiences with a hybridization share, conference videos as well as live video broadcasts will be available on a dedicated platform.
  • A Metrology Village within Measurement World, and for the first year associated with Global Industrie. The themes of the Industry of the future are common. The exhibition thus offers new possibilities to meet professionals who will lead to “good” solutions.

The program

The International Metrology Congress presents 200 conferences and 6 industrial round tables.
It is an opportunity to learn about recent advances in different technical sectors:

  • mechanics, electromagnetism, flow, temperature, photonics, chemistry, biology but also data, AI, statistics, quantum technologies ...
  • and on measurement and quality processes, measurement uncertainties, accreditation, compliance and risks, cost optimization, etc.

The 6 round tables are as follows:

  • Metrology in the digital age
  • The role of international Metrology and Quality organizations in the 4.0 transition
  • The challenges of on-site measurements
  • Health and metrology: a common challenge
  • Industrial emissions: the contribution of metrology to meeting new requirements
  • Metrology of the future: what skills?

The audience is made up of participants from 45 countries:

  • 70% from industry, all sectors, and laboratories
  • 30% from reference organizations, education and research

You can find the full program here

As part of the HR group's discussions, members are invited to participate in a study on salary levels for sales functions.


This study is carried out with the members of the Measurement Network with the guarantee of the total confidentiality of the individual results of each of the structures.
The results will be analyzed by the director of the association and transcribed as part of a global analysis that will be offered to members who responded to the study.

This study can be completed using information from 2019 so as not to be impacted by the effects of the health crisis.

Réseau Mesure Express Actualites

Tech'Days 2021

Tech'Days 2021

Your meetings with innovation on Tuesdays from 8 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.

Ed Tech - Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at 8:00 a.m.

8:30 am to 10:00 am:

  • What is the state of play for EdTech in France in 2021? Panorama and decryption by EdTech France, the association of companies in the EdTech sector - Anne-Charlotte MONNERET, Managing Director EdTech France
  • Behind the scenes of EdTech companies - Benjamin VIAUD, co-founder Beneylu
  • EDUCATE France: a scientific accelerator at the service of the EdTech sector - Alexis FRANCOIS, chief of staff of CY Cergy Paris Université & Jean-Victor ABT, head of the higher education, tourism, economy and employment service mission of the Val d'Oise Departmental Council
  • Erasmus + cooperation partnerships: an accessible European funding opportunity for Ed Tech players - Antoine KIEFFER, consultant in European financing EURONOVIA
  • Presentation of the TechsoLab platform - Laurent JEANNIN, Senior Lecturer and Researcher University INSPÉ de l'Académie de Versailles & Deputy Director of the TechsoLab platform - CY Cergy Paris University


10:00 am to 10:30 am : Discussion time / Questions-Answers


Online event broadcast by video on Facebook and Youtube

Réseau Mesure Express: news about the association's action plan

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