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Business stimulus, economic development Developing sales in times of crisis

How to act after the health crisis?


  • How to develop new business methods for traveling salespeople?
  • Usual customers can be worked on by videoconference (technical understanding + training) but what about prospecting?
  • How to get around the current difficulties of customers?
    • Investment problem
    • Travel issue


Continue to sell what we sold before but in a different way

Compensate for the decline due to the difficulties of certain markets such as aeronautics and the automobile: reinvent / reorient its service offering.

  •  Implementation of technical / content webinars
    • Difficulty in framing technical and commercial information but effective.
    • Composition of a content library.

-> Shift from product marketing to content-oriented marketing.

Sell and manage remotely with QWANTIQ and CIFL

Teams, Zoom, Go to Webinar ... so many words that have become common during the lockdown and which have been widely used to stay in touch with its customers

or manage the teams.

Many companies are currently wondering how to develop their managerial and commercial practices by integrating them in a sustainable manner

these new modes of communication. We will try, during this webinar, to share with Qwantiq some ideas on remote management and we

introduce you to the new programs designed on the management and distance selling for our members!

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Support for dealing with a conflict with customers or suppliers:

Regarding public contracts, we remind you that the State has recognized the Coronavirus as a case of force majeure for its public contracts: no late payment penalty can therefore be applied.

Regarding public procurement by local authorities, Minister Bruno Le Maire recommended that late payment penalties be non-applicable to companies, but it will be up to each local authority to decide.

All this information is available on the website of the Ministry of Labor:

Why use business mediation?
The action of the business mediator proved vital at the height of the Covid crisis: with 600 requests per week, the number of referrals has multiplied by 10. But what are its missions? How and why to call on him?

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Registration for the "Industrial application" training

Appli industrielle 2021

With the "Industrial application" training, together, the industrialists of Cergy-Pontoise accelerate their performance! Program built and co-financed mainly by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Val-d'Oise and the Agglomeration Community of Cergy-Pontoise.

To better understand before acting, find new opportunities, optimize your performance: join
the industrial network led by industrialists

  • Group of 10 leaders
  • 1 year program
  • 10 annual workshops

Program of the training

1. Individual discussion with an industry expert to identify the subjects that drive you (eg operational excellence, industrial performance, complex management, etc.)

2. Summary of themes and collective development of your action plan (cycles of 3 to 4 workshops)

3. Cycle of sessions led by an industrial expert in your premises:
• Theoretical and methodological contributions
• Enforcement
• Feedback

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