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After Covid 19 The measurement network supports you

In July 2020, the Measurement Network initiated a information and discussion process in the context of crisis management linked to COVID-19.

Several themes are offered:

  • Human resources: team management, stress management, telework management, workload management, etc.
  • Financing solutions: public aid, factoring, etc.
  • Business stimulus, economic development
  • Legal - legislative - normative developments ...

FAQ - Obligation de vaccination ou de détenir un pass sanitaire pour certaines professions

Retrouvez en cliquant ci-dessous les recommandations du Ministère du Travail relatives au pass sanitaire dans le milieu professionnel

Voir les recommandations

  • Définition du pass sanitaire
  • Champ et conditions d'application dans les entreprises
  • Contrat de travail et conséquences d'un refus de présentation des justificatifs requis

« Pass sanitaire » : toutes les réponses à vos questions

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Ressources humaines

Human resources

Team management, stress management, telework management, workload management ...

  • Back to face-to-face:
    • Rights and duties
    • Psychosocial risks
    • Support logic


  • Implementation of telework after confinement
    • Management - loss of benchmarks for managers and employees
    • Contractual part
    • The tools
    • Additional remuneration, compensation, restaurant tickets, transport, computer equipment


  • Judicial aspects
    • Responsibility of the entrepreneur
    • Charters for teleworking ....

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Financing solutions

Public aid, factoring ...

  • Financial intelligence
  • Credit coverage
  • Factoring
  • Public aid

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Développement commercial

Commercial reminders

Develop your turnover

  • How to develop new business methods for traveling salespeople?
  • Usual customers can be contacted by videoconference (technical understanding + training) but what about prospecting?
  • How to get around the current difficulties of customers?
    • Investment problem
    • Travel issue

Continue to sell what we sold before but in a different way

Compensate for the decline due to the difficulties of certain markets such as aeronautics and the automobile: reinvent / reorient its service offering.

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Legal - legislative - normative developments ...

  • Decrees, orders ... the official texts governing the attitude to be taken in the face of the coronavirus epidemic

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